How to Ensure a Complete Orthotics Prior Authorization Process

At present, a lot of companies who are offering DMEPOS supplies are looking for a reduction of their operational expenses. The markets all around the country are opening up, the Orthotics and prosthetics suppliers need reliable partners that can take payments to the next stage.

However, it all depends on how well placed you are as an Orthotics & prosthetics supplier in the competitive landscape. All you need is a trained team of experts that knows how to take care of front and back end RCM mandates in the best possible manner.

Reduction of existing costs in operations is a must for every supplier offering DMEPOS services. An experienced vendor offering competitive solutions that take care of everything at the front end will be ideal in the long run.

Services like checking of eligibilities, securing Orthotics prior authorization on time, taking care of the order intake and confirmation, following up with the physician’s office on time paves the way for a complete reimbursement process to fall in place.

The Sunknowledge difference in practice management

If you are looking for a standout partner that can deliver you actionable support, we are just perfect for you. Our team knows how to offer you comprehensive support in the front end like checking and verifying eligibilities and benefits, offering comprehensive solutions on Orthotics prior authorization on time, intake of RX order and confirming the delivery as well as following up with the doctor’s office for the important documents.

At present, we deliver excellence which determines the quality, and that too with excellent references. We are a powerhouse in offering state-of-the-art services in revenue cycle management which eliminates loopholes in your processes and reduces the gaps between your realizations of payments on time. Our team reduces operational costs by 80% and as a reliable operational extension.

Hire us if you are looking to earn a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We have the perfect plan for a complete transformation of your cash flow by implementing checks and balances in the front end which elevates your practice management efforts in the best possible manner.

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