Organic Cotton Bed Linens Will Keep Your Bedroom Warm In Winter

Now you have a way to lower your electricity and gas bills – Organic cotton bed linens.

Yes, this is correct. Organic Cotton Bed Linens are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and have the fantastic tendency to keep your bedroom warm in winter and cold in summers. It is advisable to use lightweight material in summer, but as autumn and winter months approach, it is better to switch to heavyweight material. You can also try using flannel sheets as they are soft and ideal to keep you warm and insulated. In that sense bed linen made from wool, fleece and silk also serves as a good insulator. However, using them involves taking care that use instructions are properly followed and they are timely dry-cleaned and stored properly.

Bed linen and duvets act as insulators and keep us warm

Studies have shown that you can drastically reduce the impact of winter coldness not by increasing the temperature setting of your heater, but by simply layering your bed with soft, organic cotton. For this you can fill your duvet with high quality down, or down alternative fill. Every Duvet Insert is wrapped in organic cotton and then woven to keep the fill on the inside. This keeps the duvet fluffy and light weight.

Duvets and cotton sheets act as perfect insulators. They create extra layers and trap air between one surface and another and prevent the heat from escaping.

All this wonderful bed linen is produced without use of harmful chemicals, pesticides or dyes. Use matching organic cotton duvet covers and you can make yourself a perfect bed that will keep you warm throughout the chilly winter air and even tempt you and your family to simply hibernate during the cold season.

Using the right bed linen color tones to warm up your bedroom

– Use warm colors tones such as gold, red, orange and brown. Warm rich Turkish cotton bed sheets in red and other dark shades will add warmth to your bedroom. Tuck away your bed sheets blue in blue and yellow summer shades.

– Instead of lightweight curtains, switch to heavier curtains that might help to keep out the winter chill. A blackout blind also provides very good insulation.

– In case your bedroom has a bare floor, then put a fluffy rug that will surely make the room warmer.

– Using velvety cushions and fleecy throws will infuse a sense of coziness in your bedroom.

– Using matching towels will add form and shape and create a theme-like effect.

Other ways in which you can keep yourself warm:

– Check the window frames of your bedroom and if you find any cracks or holes, have them repaired. This will keep out the cold wind as the windows will shut properly.

– Ensure that the fireplace and radiators are functioning properly and efficiently to provide warmth to the bedroom.

– Buy accessories such as candles and decorate them around your room.

– Another idea is to put berry-laden twigs or pinecones into a vase and put it near your bed.

– You can also put fragrance candles in your bathroom.

– Pull your bed away from the window.

– Reverse the ceiling fan.

– Wear socks and a hat.

From the different solutions available, using organic cotton bed linen is perhaps the best and most inexpensive solution available to keep your bedroom warm in winter. Not only is it quick and easy, but it is also safe for the environment.

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