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Online learners can complete coursework at home, a coffee shop, or a library with the ability to study anywhere. This suitable environment is a big advantage of online learning that allows students to work. In the same way, those students who have excess to the internet want to excel in different fields for their better future. They want to learn data science through an online data analytics course.

What do Data Analysts do?

They take mountains of data and probe it to spot trends, make forecasts, and extract information to help their employers make better-informed business decisions. The healthcare industry, marketing, and retail are the places where Data analysts work. In general, data analysts are everywhere. Companies with big tech such as Facebook and Google analyze big data to a dizzying degree. Many of the top data analysts are employed for a variety of purposes including advertising and internal analysis along with a great deal of user analysis. That’s why analytics courses online are high in demand.

The management track is the most common career path analysts take from the entry-level, at financial institutions such as investment banks. Your superiors are going to look to you as someone who can shepherd the next group of hires that come in only if you prove that you are among the best of your hire group.

As technology changes rapidly, the dynamic of the company often changes too making it unique. The first ones to be chosen to be leaders when new departments are creating are usually Technology data analysts who excel in their existing roles. This provides an opportunity to lead others, and it allows you to take ownership of a segment of the company.

Data analysts usually are good at working with numbers and details. These analysts are also confident and organized in managing multiple tasks, data programs, and data flows. Finally, most data analysts usually also have strong presentation skills as they typically require to present their analysis visually and/or orally on a regular basis.

About this Course:

A gentle introduction to the concepts of data analysis is presented in this online data analytics course along with the role of a Data Analyst, and the tools that are used to perform daily functions. The required soft skills are taught to effectively communicate your data to stakeholders, and how you can master these skills can give you the option to become a data-driven decision-maker.

This is one of the best online data analytics courses which will help you to differentiate between the roles of a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer. So learn the responsibilities of a Data Analyst and exactly what data analysis entails. Discover Big Data platforms such as Hadoop, Hive, and Spark and continue this exciting journey. When you reach the end of this course you will be able to visualize the daily life of a Data Analyst and understand the different career paths that are available for data analytics.

About this Professional Certificate course:

Gain the job-ready skills for an entry-level data analyst role through this data analyst certification online course and position yourself competitively in the thriving job market for data analysts, which will see a 20% growth until 2028 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Make your data analyst career more powerful by learning the core principles of data analysis and gaining hands-on skills practice. Gain practical experience with data manipulation and applying analytical techniques as you work with a variety of data sources, project scenarios, and data analysis tools, including Excel, SQL, Python, Jupyter Notebooks, and Cognos Analytics. This online certificate does not require any prior programming or statistical skills and is suitable for learners with or without college degrees. To start you need basic computer literacy, high school math, comfort working with numbers, willingness to learn, and a desire to enrich your profile with valuable skills.

Upon successful completion of this program, you’ll have analyzed real-world datasets, created interactive dashboards, and presented reports to share your findings, giving you the confidence as an associate or junior data analyst.

Applied learning project:

During the program, you’ll complete hands-on projects and labs and gain a firm grasp on the technical skills required to effectively gather, wrangle, mine, and visualize data.

No degree or prior experience required. All you need is basic computer literacy, high school math, and comfort with numbers for joining this online data analytics course.

What will you learn in this course?

Throughout this course, you will learn the key aspects of data analysis and will explore the fundamentals of gathering data, and learning how to identify your data sources. With the use of visualizations and dashboard tools, you will learn how to clean, analyze, and share your data. In the final project, it will test your knowledge of the course material, explore what it means to be a Data Analyst, and provide a real-world scenario of data analysis.

Data Analyst: Career Path & Qualifications:

The most sought-after professionals in the world are skilled data analysts. Data analysts command huge salaries and excellent perks, even at the entry-level because the demand is so strong, and the supply of people who can truly do this job well is so limited. Most of the top jobs in data analysis involve using data to make investment decisions, target customers, assess risks or decide on capital allocations. If you want to be successful in this field, then better join our online data analytics course.

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