Sunknowledge – A One Stop Destination to Enhance your HME Billing ROI

Today HME billing rules, eligibility requirements, and regulations for reimbursement are becoming increasingly complex by day. This is resulting in a lot of missing information, coding errors, under coding, and denied claims which are further leading to more administrative expenses and staff time.

This is why today’s healthcare practices are in fact opting out for option like outsourcing that ensures an effective billing process and management. However, the real problem today is finding the right resources to keep up with your billing requirements.

Though some of you believe in- house billing managing provides you with greater control over the process, it can also come with a number of difficulties especially today when experienced labor is limited.

Benefits of choosing Sunknowledge for your HME billing operation :

Dedicatedly focus on improving your finance, Sunknowlege experts for the past 15+ have been providing customized solutions to many leading names in the industry. With a higher level of accuracy rate of 99.9 % and consistency, our experts further understand the critical importance of HME billing and coding process work on improving the ROI. To reduce the overall expenses, we help you save your staff’s time, resources, and also cash that you end up wasting during the in-house biller’s wages, their training fee, software, and more.

Reducing the overall operational expenses by 80% with an understanding of industry mandates, our experts are known for the highest productivity metrics and faster collections rate. With 100s of clientele across the U.S, our experts can meet and beat any price in the given market.

So end all your worries about reimbursement delays, coding issues, aging accounts receivable, and labor shortage for your HME billing and get in touch with us right now. How experts will not only assist you in improving your ROI but also help you focus on patient care. We are just a call away!

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