On the Rise- The Top 6 Trending Book Genres for Printing

The world of printed books is always changing because of what readers like, new technology, and changes in culture. Different types of books are becoming really popular, appealing to lots of different people and what they like. From old favorites to new ones, there are so many books out there to read. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of books people are printing right now.


Forget the old recipe books! Nowadays, cookbook printing is all about making it personal and catering to specific interests. That means cookbooks for people with special diets, like vegan or gluten-free, or ones that explore foods from different cultures or holiday themes. And some even have cool features like QR codes for videos or virtual reality experiences.

Activity Books:

Activity books are making a comeback, appealing to different ages and interests. There are coloring books for grown-ups and fun puzzles for kids, all with attractive designs and themes. You can print activity books with tear-out pages, stickers you can use again and again, or even stuff with virtual reality features.

Graphic Novels:

Graphic novels are really popular now. They tell stories with pictures and words, and people of all ages love them. There are ones about superheroes, fantasy adventures, real-life stories, and even books based on other books. They have awesome pictures and exciting stories that make reading them feel like you’re right in the action.

Board Books:

Board books aren’t just for little kids anymore! Board book printing is getting more creative and useful for everyone. There are board books for grown-ups about taking care of yourself or trying new hobbies. And for older kids, there are ones with captivating features like textures or sound effects to make them more fun. You can even print board books in different shapes, sizes, and materials like fabric or wood for something really special.

Self-Help and Personal Development Books:

In a time when people are looking to learn more about themselves and grow personally, self-help books are really popular. They cover topics like mindfulness, getting things done, relationships, and getting ahead in your career. These books give practical tips and ideas for dealing with life’s ups and downs and reaching your goals. The fact that people still want well-made and good-looking self-help books shows how much they matter in today’s busy world.

Coffee Table Books:

Today, coffee table books are getting popular everywhere. To those who appreciate culture, design, and the arts, they are like priceless gems. These books have stunning pictures, interesting stories, and really nice printing. They make reading feel like a special experience. Coffee table books cover lots of topics like buildings, travel, fashion, and photography. Along with the purpose of reading, they also make great decorations adding style to any room.

The top six trending books cover a wide range of interests and styles, appealing to readers everywhere. From cookbooks that open up new culinary worlds to captivating board books that spark imagination, printed books still inspire, educate, and entertain in our digital world.