Offbeat Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh

Usually, every destination holds some major attractions which are explored by mostly each and every visitor. But, a destination holds much more which can be a little bit less popular yet equivalently amazing as the other famous places. These offbeat places are actually worthy of your time and attention.

Similarly when we mention Leh Ladakh, then some places appear instantly in your mind like the lake shown in the Bollywood movie 3 Idiots. Yes, but there are some hidden gems in the beautiful land of Leh Ladakh which can make your trip brighter with their shine. You might not find them in some common Leh Ladakh tour packages but, you will surely get allured with their beauty.

We have gathered all the less known and stunning offbeat places of Leh Ladakh for those who really want to be different from other travelers. Let’s have a look.

  1. Zanskar Valley:

Zanskar Valley is a remote region of Ladakh with unblemished natural beauty, serene surroundings and enchanting natural wonders. Adventure and the city of Ladakh are two inseparable things. So, Zanskar valley is no exception to this fact!

Trekking in winters and river rafting in summers are two best activities offered by this place for the adventurous souls. The 155 km long river rafting stretch starting from Remala and ending at Indus will make your rafting experience unforgettable. The swift water waves splashing over you maybe sometimes help your raft to attain thrilling heights and sometimes become suddenly decent to amaze you.

In summers, Zanskar valley looks like a part of some distinguished yet magical world with fragrant and colorful flowers covering every patch of beautiful mountains. You can get an emotional and mental retreat in such appealing surroundings. While in winters, it turns into a frozen land as every single piece of ground gets coated with sparkling whitish ice flakes.

During the winter months, it becomes the famous hub of trekkers with one of the most difficult treks of the world – Chadar trek. Many Leh Ladakh tour packages offer this trek. Embark on this journey to behold some most amazing sights of your entire life but, beware, this 70 km long trek is not easy.

  1. Uleytokpo:

Uleytokpo is located 70 km away from the city of Leh. It is basically a camping ground on the banks of Indus River. People who want to spend some time away from the throng come in these camps and cottages. Surrounded by lush green trees and light brown cliffs, all you can hear is the melody of water waves and chirping of seasonal birds here! Your morning alarm will be the first sun rays illuminating the river water and cliffs. The soft and fresh green grass will be your relaxing couch for the day! Sip on some tea with crispy snacks to complete your picnic. But hey, don’t think of spoiling the natural beauty by littering the place.

  1. Basgo:

Basgo is a village situated 36 km away from Leh having most part of it is in ruins. Once it was the local capital and an economically strong town but, now all you can see is a ruined palace and three Buddhist monasteries tucked in sharp mountains. Imagine walking into an immense palace on a high mountain cliff with huge broken walls and ruined thrones. You can hear the noise of your own footsteps only due to complete silence. Yes, it gives a kind of eerie and blood-chilling feeling.

The difficult mountainous paths lead to the breath-taking monastery. It consists of three Buddhist temples decorated with copper statues and wall paintings depicting the life of Lord Buddha. You won’t be able to easily spot the monastery from a distance due to the similar color of mountains and that structure. This place will be best for meditating and exploring some unknown realms of your mind.

  1. Hot Springs in Chumathang:

Sometimes all we need is a relaxing break after a long journey in the distant land. Hot springs in Chumathang is the best destination for a refreshing break. After all, you are on vacation to give comfort to your body. So, don’t be too harsh on yourself as it can be harmful to you. A bath in the naturally hot water pool on the Indus river bank will ease all your tiredness!

The sulfur-laden hot water of these pools will make you forget about your Jacuzzi experience of a five-star hotel. Soak yourself in the warm water under the clear blue sky while dreaming about your favorite things. Sounds healing? Just give it a try!

  1. Changthang:

Popularly known as ‘the Tibet of India’, Changthang is a part of Changthang plateau which is located mainly in Tibet. The entire Ladakh is compared with Tibet because of similarities in religion and lifestyle between the two places. Located at an altitude of 15400 feet, Changthang is one of the coldest places in Ladakh with least vegetation and snow covered mountains. You would need lots of warm clothes to survive here even in summers. So, if you are a snow lover, then this offbeat destination is perfect for you!

Interact with the Changpa nomads who rear Changi goats in this area to hear some unknown tales about the region. Do you want to meet some fiery ice animals? If yes, then go to Changthang Wildlife sanctuary to spot snow leopards, wolves, bharals, gazelles and plenty of other animals. You can also head to Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri Wetland Reserve during your stay in this region.

So, it’s the moment to make your life exceptional by visiting some offbeat destinations of Leh Ladakh. We know you are unique from the crowd of tourists who go to similar popular places. Trust us; this experience will be a memorable and different one for you!