Risks of Old Tyres and Benefits of a New Set

Fuel efficiency, braking, driving comfort, road safety and stability are some vital aspects that are closely related to your car tyres. Still, a lot of car drivers overlook them.

They do not maintain them properly and want to drive with a single set of tyres for a long time. This thinking of car drivers is funny because poorly maintained Continental Tyres Nottingham is not going to serve you for a longer period. However, well-maintained tyres also die, and you should replace them with another set of tyres.

So, the first message of this blog is that you should maintain your tyres effectively. Secondly, even you maintain your tyres efficiently, you have to change them sooner or later. So, you should change them a”Fuel efficiency, braking, driving comfort, road safety and stability are some vital aspects that are closely related to your car tyres. Still, a lot of car drivers overlook them.”t the correct time.

While your tyres are near retirement, you may observe the two most common signs.

The first of them is decreased tread pattern. While your tyres are old, you may observe that they are not grooved and have a smooth surface. These tyres are called bald, and it is really dangerous to drive on these tyres.

The second visit sign is a damaged sidewall. The presence of bulges, blisters, cracks and cuts on the sidewall is a clear sign that your tyres are damaged.

Both cases leave your tyres not repairable!

If you do not change your damaged tyres, you will soon experience the following disadvantages:


Old and bald tyres have a thin rubber because of the absence of tread pattern. Therefore, they are more prone to blowouts. The thin and weak body of a tyre can not hold the air pressure. So, it explodes in the middle of a road.

You can avoid the chances of tyre bursts by checking the condition of your tyres regularly.


Just like the chances of blowouts, bald tyres may experience punctures because of thinner rubber material on the tread area. Sharp objects like pins, nails, glass, and pebbles may damage the thinner wall of tyres easily.

Always remember that punctures can be repaired easily with the help of a professional if they occur on the tread pattern. However, the occurrence of punctures is sometimes annoying and you cannot change the punctured tyres easily. Moreover, a suddenly occurs puncture is risky on a noisy highway.

Poor Grip and Traction:

A tyre with no tread can not provide a better grip on roads. Tyre manufacturers make a tyre with an optimum tread pattern and tread depth. It ensures proper traction, especially on wet roads. So, you may struggle on wet or slippery roads if you have bald tyres in your vehicle.

Disturbed Braking Distance:

The role of tyre tread is vital if you stop your vehicle on a busy road. Bald and damaged tyres would not be able to ensure proper braking distance. So, the chances of accidents are always higher with bald tyres.

Risk of Aquaplaning:

Tyre pattern is essential to disperse extra water in wet conditions. A tread pattern like directional saves you from aquaplaning. So, it is clear that bald tyres will be dangerous in wet weather and would not keep you protected from issues like hydroplaning.

You may observe that bald and old tyres are risky to drive your car.

On the other side, there are a lot of benefits provided by your new tyres:

Advantages of New Tyres

Improved Traction on Roads:

If you buy new branded tyres for your vehicle, you will experience soon that your tyres are holding the roads more efficiently. Old tyres do not provide effective grip, but you do not feel it because you are used to this poor performance. New tyres will remind you of your old experience to run on roads with full authority.

Benefits of Advanced Technique:

You bought your tyres years ago when technology was appropriate for that age. Technological advancements are taking place consistently. Thus, you should enjoy the benefits of advanced tyres that are made with the help of world-class tools and technology according to the needs of today’s world.

New Tyres are Cost-effective:

Finally, you can see both sides of the coin. Bald and damaged tyres are dangerous, and new tyres are advantageous in every aspect of car driving. So, whether you choose high-cost or Cheap Tyres Nottingham, new tyres will always be beneficial for you.

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