NobleSpirit, Together with (SMI) Stamp Market Index, Discover New Generation Of Collectors on eBay

NobleSpirit, a leading dealer of asset class stamps, coins and collectibles on eBay, this morning announced new information emerging from its recently introduced data analysis tool Stamp Market Index (SMI), powered by eBay.

The new data suggests that many previously help concepts regarding traditional collector demographics are now being challenged by a new younger and more diverse base. “We are experiencing a major shift in a landscape that has been dormant for many decades,”said Joe Cortese, NobleSpirit. “In just 39 days, since Stamp Market Index was launched, new users registered from 62 countries. Preliminary results are indicative of a strong positive trend for the future of the stamp industry. eBay, technology and social media are the keys to that future.”

Stamp Market Index published some if its preliminary findings in its inaugural newsletter, which was subsequently made available to the public on its website at:

eBay’s infrastructure has been highly effective in delivering value along the entire funnel from demand logistics to supply chain distribution networks. It has been clear for over 20 years that eBay’s global platform has facilitated adoption by collectors at all levels from novices to asset class investors. Traditional hobbyists as well as newcomers have been quick to embrace technology. According to the new data from Stamp Market Index, more women for example, than ever before are joining the ranks of collectors. “There can be no doubt that the diversity of eBay’s marketplace is manifesting itself by providing unprecedented access to previously untapped cross merchandising opportunities in all stamp, coin, and collectibles sectors, ” said Joe Cortese, NobleSpirit. “The future of the stamp industry belongs to fresh ideas that can best leverage what innovation has to offer.”

Online social interaction is providing a powerful new medium for new and old collectors to engage each other with their interests, while they exchange their valued stamps, coins and collectibles on eBay as their go-to marketplace destination of choice. From serendipity to acquisition, the experiential allure fundamental to collectors, at all levels, assumes many facets on eBay.


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