NobleSpirit Revolutionizes eBay’s Auction Platform

Announcing a first of its kind traditional auction catalogue experience for eBay marketplace.

NobleSpirit, an innovation leading company in collectibles, today announced the release of new technological features that are likely to significantly transform the auction experience on eBay. After years of development, this previously un-imagined functionality is now finally available to the world of auctions on eBay.

A definitive game changing functionality in the trillion dollar global auction economy. Merchants of every description from sophisticated professional companies to individual sellers will now be able to build pre-scheduled auction catalogues on eBay for the first time ever.

Merchants: The new NobleSpirit Catalogue incorporates uniquely constructed architecture that presents an unparalleled opportunity for merchants to access deep lifetime buyers.

The catalogue provides

  1. a) With traditional 6 week lead times
  2. b) Highly specialized market sectors
  3. c) Full listing, marketing, and management capability for the lifecycle of each transaction

“When first we conceptualized and then started to develop this exciting new technological selling feature, we knew we had to share it with the auction industry,” said Joe Cortese, NobleSpirit President “So we elected to make it available to the world at because it was clear that this is a direct on-ramp for every market sector that deploys traditional catalogue auction models. Merchants can now sell on the eBay global marketplace like never before as they have in their established business for decades. ”

“The eBay marketplace, is a 22 year trusted environment in the making.” said Michael Cortese, Vice President NobleSpirit. “We anticipate it is ripe for widespread adoption by established world class auctioneers, eager to expand their reach and grow their footprint doing what they have been doing for many years. In every market sector where an auction model exists buyers and sellers on eBay will benefit in new and exciting ways.”


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