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For a lot of plus size brides, wedding gown shopping isn’t always the exciting adventure there maybe dreamed about. The reality of shopping in bridalwear stores when you’re over a size 14 can, the fact is, be pretty stressful – even depressing or humiliating. The unfortunate truth of bridalwear design is the idea that very few designers take care of women who need a marriage gown in sizes 16-30. Therefore, these brides-to-be often find that they are only willing to find one or two dresses located on the rail that will fit them.


There are several other disappointing prevention alternatives for plus size brides in many traditional wedding gown shops and Tuxedo Rentals Las Vegas stores. Some designers generate a few gowns in larger sized, but they are generally badly fitting upsized accounts of the situation smaller dresses without allowing for the structure and cut essential for different body shapes. Another option would be to send off for getting a bespoke dress to be made, ending in extra expense and time spent for nothing, and no guarantee that your finished gown is usually what you originally had on your mind.



The vast majority of women aren’t the length and breadth of size zero, which fashion industry favors. The curves and different body shapes suggest that almost every bridal gown should be adjusted and fitted adequately through a dressmaker, then why should you don’t wedding gown designers accommodate the ways of real women?


However, there remains a desire for women seeking bridalwear above a size 14! Several new designers are starting to release lines specifically for plus size brides that are cut, structured, and created to flatter and fit perfectly. Designing for getting a size 8 is a different task than aiming for a size 16, and subtle differences among the lines, structure, and production services to accentuate curves as well as provide support and accentuation.


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