Need A Stainless Steel Beer Growler? Check Out EcoVessel

Spoiler alert: there’s a Stainless Steel Beer Growler out there with your name on it, but first, some background. There just isn’t anything like an ice-cold brew in the summer. Don’t take that amiss, a nice warm wassail in the dead of winter is a delicious dose of liquid bread, but when the temps are up, a frigid lager or pilsner is the very elixir of life.

Particularly if it’s one of those steaming humid summer days, cracking open a can or a bottle of the cold stuff just seems to add years to your life and a little color to the world. Throw some meats of your choice on the closest grill and you have just about the ideal day.

But hot and cold don’t play nicely. As delicious as a cold brew is, once that beer warms up it transitions ungracefully from one of the most refreshing treats imaginable to one of the most repugnant. The summer will infiltrate an aluminum can with the same celerity as a glass bottle, and we all know that light isn’t the only thing that damages beer.

So there are some tricks out there. Some people keep their drinks on the ice, even once they’ve cracked them open. More enterprising individuals will go so far as to store steins and glasses in the freezer till needed. Well, to each his own, but we’re here to tell you that there’s a stainless steel beer growler out there that won’t just keep your beer colder for longer, it will come with a list of other value adds as well.

Take a look at where you will discover the aptly named Boss Triple Insulated Stainless Steel beer growler. It can hold up to 64 oz (4 pints!) of your favorite beverage (beer, anyone?) and it will keep that beer cold for days, up to 150 hours!. Of course, it also doubles as an insulated container for keeping drinks hot, but you can leave that for the winter.

It not only stays cold to keep beer fresh for hours, but it’s also made of tough, vacuum insulated stainless steel construction so that you can bring it on the trail or out in camp just as easily as in the backyard. It’s also loaded with user-friendly features like a dual opening lid that’s easy to fill, a construction that prevents drinks from touching plastic and a sturdy strap. It’s one tough piece of equipment that you can rely on to keep your brews fresh and cold for many years.

Speaking of which, it’s not just the durable construction and insulative technology that makes it such a steal. This is a growler that you’ll have for life. No, seriously, you’ll have it for life. EcoVessel guarantees its products to be free from defects for 100 years. And seriously, what products ever developed defects after they were manufactured? The point is, EcoVessel is so confident in their products they slap them with a 100-year guarantee, which means your purchase today will carry you through the next century. Many of their products are recyclable, so theoretically, you could dispose of them in an environmentally conscious fashion as well, but with a legendary century-long product guarantee, who would do that? Hit up EcoVessel for a stainless steel beer growler and make it the last bottle you will ever buy.

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