Need A 100 Ft Drain Auger? Visit Duracable!

If you are a drain cleaning professional, you know the kind of beating your cables have to take. For nearly 100 years, these flexible metal cables are one of the cornerstones of any drain care business. Combined with a drain snake machine, you can use your cables to power through greasy buildup or cut through stubborn roots. Whether you need a 37 ft snake to unclog a sink or a 100 Ft Drain Auger to reach down a sewer main, you will find the high-quality cables you are looking for at Duracable.

Whether you need a replacement cable for your drain machine or are just looking for some new cable options, all of our snakes are the top of the line. Here at Duracable, we are a US-based manufacturer of professional drain cleaning and plumbing supplies. We have been helping drain cleaning businesses find the supplies they need for nearly 40 years and we are proud of the fact that we have helped so many businesses with our cables, drain machines, and other tools of the trade.

Speaking of cables, we know just how important these seemingly simple coils of metal wire can be. A cable break is a huge pain in the neck and we put every batch of wire we receive through extensive stress testing to ensure they can hold up against even the toughest clogs. Each of our cables is made using our proprietary high-tensile hard-drawn wire to ensure the perfect balance of flexibility and strength.

When a new batch of wire is delivered to our warehouse it is tested and the results are recorded. If a batch fails to meet to standards we hold, it is never used to make our DuraFlex drain cables. If the wire passes muster, we spin it into our drain cables. We are so confident in our testing and manufacturing process that we offer a 30-day warranty against material defects on every cable we sell.

As far as selection, we offer a huge variety of cable sizes. If you need a 100 ft drain auger, you can choose from 7 different sizes ranging from ¼” to ¾” in diameter. We also offer some of our cables with a nylon core instead of the traditional hollow cored design. This nylon core helps to add a little extra clog busting power by increasing the rigidity of your cables while remaining flexible enough to snake through pipes.

In addition to our rugged cables, we also offer a variety of additional drain cleaning supplies. From cable end cutters to powerful drain machines, we have everything your drain cleaning business might need. All of our cable ends are made with quality spring steel and will arrive pre-sharpened and ready to use. As far as drain machines go, we offer nine different models grouped into three categories: sink machines, sled machines, and upright machines. Whether you need a small machine for residential drains or a monster for unclogging mains, you can’t go wrong with a Duracable machine.

So next time your business needs a 100 ft drain auger, a new machine, or any other drain cleaning supplies, remember to visit Duracable. After decades of working in the industry, we are happy to help your business find the exact supplies you need based on the types of clients you handle. If you have any questions about our cables, machines, or any other equipment we carry, feel free to reach out to a member of our team by phone at 800-247-4081 or email us at

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