Navigating Medical Billing Challenges: The Advantages of Outsourcing

Medical billing is a complex domain and requires expert and experienced resources to manage it. According to the Healthcare Financial Management Association, hospitals lose an average of 3.5 % to 5 % in net revenue annually due to denials and underpayments.  And today with the limited resources available, finding the right expert to help you manage all your complex billing affairs in a different struggle story for all. Thus, leaving providers to choose from an alternative solution like outsourcing to not only remain profitable but in order to experience a seamless billing operation. 

In fact, a recent study by a Medical Group Management Association study found that outsourcing billing and collections could increase net revenue by an average of 9% and also productivity of the practice as well. 

Why outsourcing? 

Outsourcing medical billing services to specialized vendors not only mitigate your losses but give you access to expertise and resources which is often unavailable in in-house billing. 

With automated systems to ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines, partnering with operational extension support for your medical billing services further reduces your chances of errors and boosts efficiency.  In fact, by monitoring and identifying your billing loopholes, the expert work on resolving compliance issues while ensuring accurate claims processing also. 

With a dedicated team adhering to the latest regulations and guidelines and managing denials, outsourcing identifies and further addresses all your revenue-related issues like denied claims or underpayments, ensuring compliance and proper claims processing at a much cost effective rate than any in-house team.  

Sunknowledge offers outstanding medical billing solutions: 

Working for more than 15+ years, Sunknowledge today is known for delivering outstanding support in the RCM space. 

Ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting and analysis, aiding healthcare providers in understanding their financial performance and identifying areas for improvement, the expert further helps in operational cost reduction by 80% 

Assisting you in real-time, customizable, compliance, revenue cycle management (RCM), and denials management reports, partnering with Sunknowledge can significantly increase net revenue in no time. 

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