Must-visit Places on Yunnan Birding Tours: An Essential-read for Birders

If you spend a few hours sitting on the patio and looking for birds, you can find yourself in awe of nature. Climate change and the increasing destruction of nature may affect nature’s beauty and bird species, but there is a lot to see. AlpineBirding organizes Yunnan birding tours that are full of life. Moreover, the tours take you to hidden gems that are the best places to see rare and endemic birds in their elements. 

When the pandemic took a toll on your physical and mental well-being, the birding tour in Yunnan is just what you need. In this article, we note down the important places where you would love to visit on the Yunnan birding trip. 

Kunming Botanical Garden 

With a rich history of 84 years, Kunming Botanical Garden stands tall to date. Filled with Yunnan flowers and herbs, rare plants, and endemic plants, the garden is a top attraction for birders. The enormous garden hosts migratory birds along with resident birds because of the diverse plants. 

Brown-breasted Thrush, Red-tailed Minla, Red-billed Leiothrix, and Long-tailed Shrike – you should keep an eye out on these birds on Yunnan birding tours. 

Gaoligong Mountains in Baihualing Area 

Gaoligongshan – Birding Beijing 北京观鸟

Enriched with untouched pastures and evergreen bamboo forests, Gaoligong Mountains feature 7 types of vegetation. Thanks to being one of the hot spots for biodiversity by Conservation International, 525 bird species are found here. Moreover, 43 endangered bird species are under national protection in this area.  

If you love thick virgin forests, you might be in luck for spotting Golden-throated Barbet, Himalayan Cutia, Broad-billed Warbler, Scarlet Finch, and so on. Unlike other places, this area is a people’s favorite spot for catching sunbirds such as Mrs. Gould’s Sunbird, Fire-tailed Sunbird, and Green-tailed Sunbird in action. 

Nabang for Restricted-range Birds 

White-crested Laughingthrush - eBird

If you are willing to travel to Nabang Wetlands and Xima Ancient Silk Road, you can explore the restricted-range species in all their glory. Crested Treeswift, White-breasted Waterhern, Greater Coucal, and Chinese Pond Heron are the top birdies to keep in mind. 

You can spend a little bit more time in the nearby area in the hope of catching Starlings in action. Red-billed Starling, Vinous-breasted Starling, and Chestnut-tailed Starling are a few prominent names. 

While traversing through the dense forest, the guides will take you to Xima Ancient Silk Road. Travelers unknown to the territory might never find the hidden road. You can take a walk around the enormous banyan tree standing strong against the tests of time. Keep your camera for Wreathed Hornbill, Red-billed Scimitar Babbler, Velvet-fronted Nuthatch, and Green-billed Malkoha. 

Last-minute Takeaway 

Adventurous, to say the least! Yes, the China birding tour is an amalgamation of adventure and relaxation. If you travel with AlpineBirding, you are set to gather memories for a lifetime. So, book your tour ASAP!

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