Moving Self-Care Tips: 15 Ways To Stay Sane While Moving

Logistics first

If you’re overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to move well, start by choosing a moving company or renting a truck. Do you need help or can you do it yourself?

Use our moving business list to discover reliable movers. Rent a truck? We’ll also help. Check out our best truck rental companies. We recommend seeking proposals from at least three companies eight weeks in advance. After this, hire them.

Create an inventory.

Checklists are self-care gold! Making one for your relocation will help you organise everything before the big day.

Start with our moving checklist or your own. No matter how you do it, a list helps. Add new tasks as they arise. Organising reduces moving anxiety and help the movers company Dubai.

Feeling lost might be intimidating. Start packing a few boxes or drawers to prepare for your move. These modest actions add up.

To pack your bedroom in one day can paralyse you. Reduce tension by working at your own pace. Focusing on one step at a time makes moving easier.

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Pack early. Your possessions determine the time. Most individuals don’t realise how long packing takes.

Start packing four weeks before the relocation and order all moving supplies six weeks prior. Play music, clean one room at a time, and treat yourself to takeout at night. For room-by-room packing.

Organise and declutter first.

Moving may seem overwhelming, but don’t put it off. Sorting your belongings may make moving easier.

The KonMari MethodTM may help declutter clothing, books, and paper. Start early and stick to a programme to make moving day easier. Declutter five weeks before moving day. Our organising and decluttering tips:

Room-by-room inventory. Check your drawers, cupboards, and closets for donations. Use a list app on your phone, write down what you’re keeping and what you’re throwing out or donating, or take pictures of the stuff you don’t want. Consider what furniture isn’t worth moving most.

Clean your closet. Go through all your closets and remove any broken, obsolete, or unfit items (s).

Garage sale. If you have time and energy, consider a garage sale. Publicise with signs, flyers, and social media. Sell quality things at reasonable costs. If you present your wares well, give refreshments, and accept bartering, you may be surprised by your success.

Sell your abilities. If a garage sale doesn’t work for you, consider consigning your gently used clothes, gadgets, furniture, and other home things to a local consignment shop, ThreadUp, Poshmark, or Facebook Marketplace.

Plan donation pickup. Will you donate furniture and rugs? To schedule a pickup, call a reputable business. These organisations will take your money. Donation receipts may be tax deductible the following year.

Store temporarily. Put items you can’t part with in short-term storage until you’re ready to analyse them.

Hire a trash hauler. Consider employing a trustworthy trash removal agency if your possessions are overwhelming. They can remove mattresses, couches, and other large items from your attic, cellar, or garage. They’ll even donate to local organisations and remove rubbish.

Don’t rush.

Before work, relax. Start the day with breakfast, coffee, a walk, or the gym. Enjoying the morning will help you handle midday tension.

Cook ahead.

Have you neglected to eat because you were so focused? If you didn’t prepare, it can happen during packing and moving day. Fast food may be convenient but not healthy.

Get your groceries delivered to avoid going to the grocery when you’re busy. You can also buy non-perishable snacks like almonds, jerky, and granola bars to take to your new home. While moving can be difficult, eating healthily can help your body and mind perform at their best.


Hydrate. Water regulates temperature, lubricates joints, and nourishes cells. Moving is stressful, so staying hydrated is important.

A new stainless steel water bottle may encourage you to stay hydrated. It keeps water cool whether you’re packing or driving your moving truck without refrigeration.

Leave your to-do list.

Moving is stressful, and you may feel too busy for a holiday. Breaks can boost productivity and help you get through long packing and organising days. Moving is hard mentally and physically.

When you’re overwhelmed, follow our self-care tips and take a break from your to-do list. After packing, pamper yourself with eye and face masks. Outdoors your sanctuary? Plan your state park trip. Enjoy eating? Look up neighbouring or local famous restaurants.


If you’re moving soon, a digital detox may help. Allow yourself to use digital platforms less. You’ll relax and hear less. Facebook and Instagram will also be waiting.

Try yoga or meditation instead. You can also read, cook, or hang out with friends without a screen. Take a vacation from your gadget to be more productive, less worried, and more focused for a busy move.


Outdoors can rejuvenate and relax. Even a little walk around the block will help you relax and recharge. You’ll receive exercise, fresh air, and mental clarity.

Nature alone calms us. If you live near a park, stop packing boxes to get some fresh air. Bring friends for a picnic to relax and forget about your move.


You can’t finish everything before moving. You’ll need to relax and nap. Why? Because sleep is more crucial during this busy period.

Even if you can pack one more box, set a stop time. This lets you relax and sleep. If you’re prepared, you can overcome any challenge.

Accept help

Asking family and friends for help moving may reduce stress. Whether it’s helping you choose a charity or finding a mover, it’s good to get a few more tasks off your plate.

Ask for help. If you have children or pets and other stressors, this is vital.


We recommend hiring a trustworthy, full-service moving company. Relocating is less stressful when professionals do the heavy lifting.

A reliable mover can move your house in hours or days, depending on distance. A moving labour company that only loads and unloads the truck is another option.

Accept your stress.

Acceptance reduces relocating stress. Accepting that you’ll experience some tension will help you succeed. Stress is normal and not the end of the world. Positive stress exists!

Life’s stresses include moving. Accept the experience and look after yourself. Treat yourself to a massage or night out afterward. Your dedication earned it!