What Items Are The Most Likely To Be Damaged During A Move, And How Can You Prevent Them?

Many of your valuables are at risk of being damaged during the moving process in Manchester. Of course, if you engage expert movers and packers in Manchester, these dangers are much reduced.

It’s not difficult to figure out which goods are most likely to be destroyed during a move. You’d put plates, antiques, and other fragile items at the top of that list, but you’d be shocked at a few of the things that are the most vulnerable to harm. Here’s the surprise list and few recommendations on how to avoid damage to your stuff, whether you’re relocating long-distance or inside your city. Learn about the items that are most likely to be destroyed during a house move.


We sometimes underestimate the fragility of all those little whirling bits. Although our electronics may not appear to be damaged on the exterior since they are well covered, they are vulnerable to damage if bumped around a lot. When it comes to cushioning your devices, it’s safe to assume that going overboard is a good idea. Protect them from too much jolting when the moving truck encounters bumps in the road by padding them with spare towels, blankets, or even a layer of bubble wrap, and be sure to mark your boxes clearly if there is a “this side up” type of gadget.


Sadly, covering everything in paper towels or newspaper will always result in a few chips, if not more severe breakage, simply because items will shift. Pack those heritage crystal goblets in partition boxes with dividers to preserve everything in its place, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor. Similarly, resist the urge to arrange your plates in a single stack and instead take the time to place some cushion between each plate.


Lampshades, in particular, are frequently delicate products that are easily rip or discolor. Spend a few extra minutes disassembling your lamp, including removing the light bulb, then wrapping and boxing everything properly. If your lampshade is compose of a delicate fabric, try storing it separately in its box, well-pad with non-staining materials. Wrap the base in the same manner and place it upright in a tall container. To avoid the light being unintentionally turn upside down, make sure the packaging is appropriately label.

Antiques and Collectibles

You’re probably already aware that these products should be packe with care. Suppose you can’t have your Movers and packers in Manchester using specific crates or materials. In that scenario, one option is to wrap each piece in bubble wrap thoroughly, tape down the edges, and pay careful attention to any corners. Place the object on one part of corrugated cardboard that is the right size, and then cover the top with another piece of corrugated cardboard. Specialty cardboard with a bit of extra padding is available at several moving retailers. Then, using packing tape, “wrap” the cardboard around the item as a buffer, leaving a little extra room around the piece. Use your packing labels or markers to identify each side as FRAGILE, so your movers know what to expect!

Furniture Edges

Sofa arms, table legs, and corners are all vulnerable to being knock down. Disassemble your furniture as much as possible before beginning the relocation procedure. Remove all table and desk legs and any other items that could break if pressure is apply in the wrong direction! Cover them individually and tie them together before packing them near your furniture. If you’re moving a table or desk with legs that need to go in specific spots, name each one as you take it apart to make reassembling it easier. Many movers and packers provide specialized moving services in Manchester to handle this for you, so if you have a lot of delicate furniture, this is an option to explore. You’ll have one less thing to worry about on moving day!

Picture Frames

You’ve probably damaged a picture frame by accident before. Most frames’ glass is pretty delicate, especially if they are large. Stuff them in a small/medium box with plenty of padding. Ideally standing erect in a box labeled this side up. Wrap them in packing paper to avoid scratching the glass. And don’t cram too many into one box. To ensure they don’t move too much while you’re traveling. Top them with extra packing paper. Paying particular attention to the corners.

The threat of damage to the objects mentioned above is enough to keep you awake at night. You might, however, prevent this by employing the moving services of packers and movers in Manchester, who have dealt with such products successfully in the past. Make the correct moves with the appropriate people to achieve the best results!

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