Motorized Shades to Enjoy Style and Convenience

Automated shade systems are incredibly convenient ways of adding high-tech touches to a house. Motorized shades are for those who look for privacy, convenience or a “wow” factor. There are diverse fabric options and styles of these shades that are sure to suit your taste and preference. With remote control window treatments, lowering and raising shades has become very simple. Moreover, you can integrate these automated shades to your existing home system. 

Easy Solutions for Every Application 

For hard-to-reach windows, motorized window treatments offer a simple solution. These window coverings can be opened by just pressing a button. No need to move to every window and operate the shades individually.  You can also integrate the motorized shades with your smartphone. This will help you operate the window treatments even when you are not at home, giving an illusion to the outsiders that there is someone inside the home. The absence of cords in these automated shades make them safe for both kids and pets. 

The automatic window coverings also come in unique designs and fabrics. You can easily regulate the room temperature by blocking and allowing natural light when you need it. Moreover, the motorized window treatments also provide complete privacy. Users love the convenience that these motorized shades offer.  

Smart Home Integration 

Operating motorized shades by a remote control is high-tech but, operating these shades by voice control is like “living the future”. You can program the motorized window treatments with Alexa. Only a single command can lower or raise all the shades of the house as programmed. High-tech solutions also help to dim the interior and exterior lights to a specific level. The motorized shades solutions have simplified the lives of many homeowners. 

Easy Shopping of Motorized Shades 

With several remote control and motorization options and countless fabrics and styles to choose from, you will be overwhelmed with choices. Every homeowner is sure to find a shade suitable to your interior décor and furnishing. You can select the shades and its power source. Then you can select remote options and place your order. 

There are many online companies offering automated window treatments. Choose the style and option of motorization that best suits you. Experts are there to guide you down the right path.

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