Motorization of Window Shades That Can Change Your Life

Want to add automation to your apartment or home? What are the things you will think of first? Obviously, it will be the electronic devices like your lights, television set, security features and stereo systems. In other words, one will lean towards user-friendly and smart technology upgrades. However, there is a simple, versatile technology that can also enhance your interior décor. What is it? It is the modern innovative window covering – battery shades.

These motorized window coverings combine functionality with practicality. They regulate temperature, elevate interior décor, provide privacy and protect internal furnishings. This shading solution is perfect for all kinds of windows. This high-tech window covering is very convenient and can easily close and open without any manual labor. Now, besides battery powered shades, there are solar powered and wired window treatments.

Cutting-edge Technology Used in Motorized Shading

❖ Solar Power

Solar powered shading solutions consist of small solar panel with a rechargeable battery placed at the back of the window. They are charged by sunlight. No external cords are required for operating these shades. The slats close and open and the window covering is lowered and raised by the sun’s energy. After a few years, when the shading slows down, you know that time has come to replace the rechargeable batteries.

❖ Battery Operated

Battery shades are a popular choice of motorized window covering. In this automated window treatment, lithium batteries are used as they stand strong against the sun’s heat and will not melt. These batteries usually exhaust in a year and should be changed when the shades operate slowly. These shades can be operated with the help of a remote or even from your smartphone. You can also set a timer to automatically open or close the shades.

❖ Hard Wired

This is another alternative of automated shading solution and many new homeowners are highly considering these shades. Only electricians can install these shades. These window dressings have a power cord which is directly plugged to an outlet. These window dressings have energy costs but their maintenance is easy as there is no need to ever change the batteries. Since these window coverings are quite powerful, they are suitable for heavy blinds.

No matter what kind of window motorization you use, you will find their operation hassle free. No need to manually open or close the blinds as they operate by remote control. Moreover, with motorization, you have the luxury of operating a number of window coverings at the time.