Prevent Failing At Your MOT Test With Some Tips

MOT test stands for Ministry of Transport. It is an exam that is performed on the vehicle to check its roadworthiness.

Before we start this blog, you must have all the necessary information about MOT and the test. Ministry of Transport is a government body that keeps a good eye on the working condition of the vehicles. This is to enhance road safety and environmental standard. MOT was first initiated in the late ’90s. This authority aimed to increase safety on roads and reduce the harm that has been made to nature.

For initiating the two goals, they implemented MOT London for all the citizens of the country. Although when it was first started, it was performed only once in a decade.

The rules, regulations that were first applied to the vehicles have changed with time and situation. The concept of MOT now is quite different from what it was. Although the aim of the MOT test is still the same the rules have changed a bit for the betterment of the country and its citizens.

MOT Test

MOT test is a test to check the roadworthiness of the vehicle. By inspecting the whole vehicle, you should know, that they are checking whether or not your car is in perfect condition or not. Every part of your car should be working in every possible aspect. MOT test is like an examination that leads to results for your vehicle’s passing and failing. It is your vehicle that needs to be in the right working condition to pass this MOT test.

Even a slight fault in your vehicle can lead to failing at MOT test. Then the whole procedure for a retest and everything will be performed, which will invest more money, time, and effort. You need to be sure of the functionalities of your car when you go for your MOT test. It is nothing too much if you see otherwise, but it can be if your vehicle is faulty.

When it comes to MOT, the testers do not check all the parts of your vehicle. The ministry of transport puts more effort into safety. Thus, all the parts that play a role in providing safety are checked.

Some of them are extremely important while one can neglect some as per their functionalities.

Parts that are essential in MOT test-

Tyres – The most essential part of your vehicle. The part that is quite famous for providing safety while driving. The tyre’s grip on the road surface is the major reason for the motion in the vehicle. If not this, your vehicle would just slide on the road. Your car tyres London must be in perfect condition all the time.

Your tyres need to work efficiently to provide safety and this can only happen when they are in their best possible condition. You can tyre must be in correct alignment and adjustment, the tyre pressure must be adequate, the rubber surface of the tyre must be appropriate, etc. There are so many things that your tyres can suffer from which makes it important for your tyre to be regularly repaired and serviced.

Cleanliness – The tyres provide you with a safe journey. But how will that be possible if your vehicle is dirty from the inside and outside? It is essential to keep your vehicle hygienic all the time to promote a healthy drive. When your vehicle is dirty, it has a high chance of failing the MOT test.

Brakes – The brakes are the only thing that can stop your vehicle at all points. You need to keep your brake system completely inflow. A slight fault in the brakes can lead to failure of brakes and dangerous situations.

Headlights – All the lights in your vehicle are important. Be it headlights, brake lights, torch. Every light should be working. Before going in for your MOT test, you must have all the lights working with good brightness.

Windshield – There shouldn’t be any stickers or pasties on the driver’s side of the shield, that would block his view. Thus, your windshield should not have any cracks or there shouldn’t be any stickers.

These are some of the parts that you need to check, while some parts of the vehicle that are not in the MOT test are the engine, coolant, filters, etc. It is advisable to car repair before getting the MOT test.

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