MOT Test in the UK

Every vehicle in the UK, which is three years or more must pass a Ministry of Transport examination, commonly called MOT test, at least once a year to show that it works properly and is roadworthy. 

The MOT verifies that your car meets all environmental and road safety standards. However, some vehicles need to get tested once they are one or two years old.

You can easily get your MOT at any of the twenty thousand official test centres in the country. This type of test involves several checks on your vehicle. From brakes, tyres and fuel system to exhaust system, mirrors, lights, windscreen wipers and seatbelts. You need to get an MOT Manchester for your car once it is three years old; after that, it must be examined each year or after an accident just to make sure it is safe to drive again or if it needs some repairs.

Another way to get your MOT done is at your local council centre. Most of these places also carry out monthly checks and maintenance besides MOTs.

MOT: all you need to know

On average, an MOT test can take between fifty minutes up to two hours, depending on the type of issues encountered during the inspection. For instance, if your car fails the exam, it will need extra repairs, so it will take longer for it to be ready. You are not allowed to go away if your car fails its MOT until all the issues are fixed. The only way for you to keep driving your car without an approved MOT certificate is if your current MOT is still effective, or if you are 

planning to repair all the flaws right away.

Second, even though most MOT tests do not take more than one hour, you might have to stay at the garage for a little bit longer than that, even if your car does not need to be fixed. Some test centres require drivers to drop their cars off early during the day and then collect it once it is ready, which means you need to be ready to be without a car for one day.

The official fee to get an MOT is usually around sixty pounds for cars and thirty pounds for motorbikes (approx.). However, you might find some garages that charge way less, sometimes they offer a fifty percent discount as well.

Reasons for MOT Failure

Nearly three out of five cars fail their MOT for the first time. This often happens due to minor faults that can easily be fixed:

Make sure your registration plate is in good shape.

Top up your screen wash

Wash your car beforehand.

Be sure the windscreen is clean.

Check that all your tyres have a decent tread depth.

Also, verify that your tyre pressure is at the right level; you can find this information in your car’s manual.

An MOT is a yearly test which confirms that your vehicle meets all the legal requirements. This does not mean it will remain in perfect condition for one year. You need to maintain and service your vehicle regularly. Driving with an old or invalid MOT certificate can cost you extra money, and you can even lose your driver’s license. If you want to know more about MOT, visit your nearest garage.

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