5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore MOT Test And Car Service

With advancements in technology, it has become possible to own more dependable cars, easier to drive, and more fuel-efficient. But these advances come with a cost. The cost is that our vehicles need to be maintained better than before or they develop problems much faster nowadays. And one of the essential parts of your car which require regular servicing is none other than its MOT Bolton certification.

The MOT test was introduced in the 1960s as a way to ensure road safety across Britain through the safety standards of all motor-powered vehicles on UK roads. So, now, if you want to take your car out for a ride at any time during the year, you will have to look for an MOT Testing station first. Motorists must get their cars tested every 12 months or annually before handing them over for testing.

Check your tyre pressure regularly –

At least once in 10 days. Under-inflated tyres reduce fuel economy and increase the risk of hydroplaning (the vehicle loses contact with the road surface, resulting in loss of steering control), skidding, and rolling over. To improve traction on slippery roads, drivers should also reduce speed and avoid hard braking by releasing the accelerator pedal quickly after depressing the brakes/Stop pressing the brake pedal abruptly as this will affect tyre grip on wet surfaces (loses steering control)

Driving too fast –

changing lanes suddenly, or applying a sudden brake could cause under-steer. Under-steer is where the car’s front does not turn enough and ends up running straight into an obstacle on the road, especially while making a turn on a slippery surface.

Driving too slow –

Abruptly applying brakes, or turning while driving in wet weather can cause over-steers which are more dangerous than under-steers. Over-steering occurs when the rear wheels lose grip, suddenly causing the vehicle to spin out of control if it is taken at higher speeds.

This means that you will have to get your car serviced before taking your car for MOT testing every year to avoid unnecessary technical problems with your vehicle and any potential damage during the MOT Bolton test.

Here are 5 reasons not to ignore getting your car serviced before you take it for MOT testing.

Apart from the annual MOT testing, getting your car serviced before taking it for its test every year is also a good idea. This will help you avoid unnecessary technical problems with your vehicle and save you some money.

Your yearly vehicle service includes checking fluid levels, belts & hoses, valve clearances, brakes system inspection, lubrication of chassis parts so that these are not damaged during the test itself by any road debris or bumps in the course of the time between service and MOT Testing.

Getting your car serviced regularly ensures no loose nuts or bolts that might have rusted over time, causing trouble while driving or being towed away for MOT testing. So not ignoring your car service will save you from costly and time-consuming repairs and avoid inconveniences.

Vehicle Car Service includes inspection of the engine, wheels, brakes, and suspension parts so that if any of these fails during the MOT Bolton or on the road afterwards, your warranty or extended warranty will not be voided.

Getting your vehicle serviced regularly means that you can easily spot problems as they develop with a trained mechanic rather than be taken by surprise when it becomes a serious problem after the expiry of the warranty period or at a time when you have to bear high repair expenses on the road. This will help you enjoy a hassle-free drive all through the year without worrying about breakdowns etc.,

So now that we have talked about 5 important reasons you must get your car serviced before taking it for MOT testing, you should not keep postponing the servicing of your vehicle. Hence, book an early appointment today to avoid inconvenience and enjoy a trouble-free drive every day.

The ‘MOT Test’ is a test that has been compulsory for cars over 3 years old since 1960 in the UK (for newer vehicles, this is now 7 years after first registration). The purpose of the MOT test is to verify that your vehicle meets safety standards (brake efficiency, emissions, etc.). For most people with cars older than 3 years or newer than 7 years, it is vital to get their vehicle tested and car service Bolton due to safety reasons.

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