MOT Aspects that Every Vehicle Owner Must Be Aware Of

Car services are essential to keep the vehicle in good condition. Apart from a healthy vehicle, a car service also ensures a positive MOT result. 

It can be assumed safely that the car’s roadworthiness will not matter when your car is still brand new. Getting involved in your daily business and forgetting about conducting an MOT in time for your car is very easy. The traffic police is a serious issue if you drive your car when the due date for the first MOT test is over. They pay more attention to the MOT Dudley status of the car.

The purpose of the MOT test is to ensure that motor bicycles, other light vehicles, cars, and private buses over age are verified at least once a year. This is done to check whether they comply with environmental and roadworthiness standards and whether it contributes to the strategy of road safety of the government.

Who performs the MOT Test?

  • Approved and trained Testers conduct MOT. Official test documents are signed by them and test results are recorded on the MOT database.
  • DVSA subjects its staff and VTSs to inspections to ensure that the vehicle is tested properly. DVSA must approve the test equipment.
  • At commercial garages, vehicle testing is principally conducted by the local authorities. DVSA designated or authorised these as appropriate and are denoted as Vehicle Testing Stations.
  • Those types and classes of vehicles that are authorised to be tested are only tested by VTSs. These vehicles have weight and size that the authorised test equipment can accommodate. Tests can also be carried out by the DVSA staff.

Checking a vehicle’s MOT history

Digitally checking the vehicle’s MOT history has been made possible by the government but before that, you will require some information.

You can see the car’s past result of an MOT test once this information has been collected. These include:

  • The mileage recorded during the MOT Test
  • Whether the vehicle failed or passed the MOT Test
  • The reason behind the failure of each MOT Test and if any minor problems have been traced in any of the parts
  • The test location
  • The next MOT Test date of the vehicle

MOT Expiration         

After your vehicle has passed its MOT, the certificate will be valid for 1 year. Before the due renewal date, your vehicle can be booked for the next MOT Test in one month. Another useful point to remember is that parking it on the road is not legal if a valid MOT certificate is not there for your vehicle.

If your car has yet to undergo an MOT test

If the MOT is due even after the specified date, then nothing is required to be done. From the expiry date of your MOT, you will have an extension of six months automatically for your vehicle. To display this, records need to be updated online. However, your vehicle must be maintained in proper condition. You need to submit your van, bike, or car for testing soon after the expiry of the exemption.

Before you are allowed to drive, your vehicle must pass the test if your MOT is due before the specified date. However, you must drive your car to the testing centre for the MOT test if you or any other person coming in contact with you is vulnerable to COVID-19 or has related symptoms.

Tips to Follow Before Visiting an MOT centre

  • You must compare the prices offered by various garages for MOT before you go for an MOT test of your vehicle.
  • To verify your car’s roadworthiness, MOT tests are done including lights, brakes, tyres, and many other parts.
  • Your car needs to complete an MOT Dudley Wood each year if your car’s age is more than three years. Without an updated MOT, the insurance of your car can get invalid.

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