Mobile Tyre Fitting: How Does It Work

Nobody likes to waste their time. If you are in your home, in your office or somewhere else, and you need to change or repair your set of tyres, professional staff can come at any time wherever you are. That is correct—no more trips to your local garage. You no longer have to postpone your plans or wait for several hours to get your tyres repaired. You can have your tyres fit and fixed in just a couple of hours, no matter where you live.

That is why mobile fitting services offer you everything that a regular garage offers, including balancing, tyre replacement, fitment, repair, seasonal re-fit, rotation, and valve replacement. Some Mobile Tyre Fitting Birmingham even provide a two-hour window, so that you can go back to your daily routine without the need to wait in line. Are you in a meeting or cooking food for dinner? Do not worry, while you continue with your activities, and your tyres will be ready in no time.

A mobile tyre-fitting service can help you save time, money, and hassle. They work with all kinds of vehicles: from vans and cars to 4x4s and caravans.

But how exactly does it work?

For drivers who choose to enjoy greater flexibility and save time, there are several mobile fitting locations all over the UK. Most of them offer you the possibility of booking and paying online, so you can continue with your daily tasks. You only have to provide your exact location and specify what services you need. Also, be sure to mention the type of tyres that you have and the model.

Mobile fittings are carried out almost as standard fittings. A highly trained team of experts will fit your tyres, give you a completely new valve, dispose of your old or damaged tyres, as well as check your wheel balancing – leaving nothing for people to be concerned about.

Making a mobile fitting appointment is extremely easy.

1. Choose your set of tyres

You can use the search tool to locate the right set of tyres you need – from a broad range of different models.

2. Enter your zip code and choose a fitter

With more than two thousand fitting partners in the country, you need to select one in your neighbourhood, then pick a time slot and a date that fits your schedule.

3. Pay online

Fill out all your details directly on the website – specify the address you want the tyres fitted or repaired.

4. Sit back and wait

Once you completed all the steps above, the tyres you select will be shipped and delivered to the mobile fitter you chose. The team of experts will arrive on the date and time you reserved, at your preferred address, and as all payments were made online, there will be no hidden costs.

Benefits of Mobile Fitting Services

Highly skilled Care

All fitters are well trained, which means the work will be carried out efficiently and quickly.


As mobile fitters will go directly to your place of work, you do not have to take some time out to attend your appointment.

Wide Variety of Wheels and Tyres

They cover all the main models and brands of tyres kings heath available in the market. So, you will be able to buy the one you want.

Easy to Make an Appointment

As you can see, it is relatively easy to get an appointment online. However, if you feel more comfortable, you can also book by phone.

No Hidden Fees

As you pay online, there will be no hidden costs on the date of your fitting.

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