Micro needling: Procedure, how it is done, and benefits

Micro needling is a cosmetic procedure used by a large b dermatologist. It is used to boost and produce collagen in the body by naturally healing it. Some facts about the use of micro-needling are:

  • It is a cosmetic process that uses small sterilized needles to prick the skin
  • The main purpose of Dermapen4 skin needling skinis to generate better collagen production
  • This is mostly used on the face to reduce the occurrence of wrinkles and acne spots

What Exactly is Micro-needling?

The exact use of micro-needling is that it is used to treat loose skin. In common terms, this is also known as the collagen-stimulating process to treat skin ideally. This definite treatment creates several micro punctures on the skin with miniature-sized sterilized needles. Proper use of this treatment can help to gel the micro-needling by reducing the appearance of dark spots and skin elasticity. A dermatologist or a surgeon can only identify whether you are the right candidate for this process. So, connect with a surgeon before getting the treatment done.

Benefits of Micro-needling

Over the years, the use of micro-needling has effectively gained popularity. It is one of the best treatments that effectively rejuvenates the skin and makes it plump without much discomfort. Some of the benefits of getting a micro-needling treatment are:

  • Reduces the appearance of scars and acne spots
  • It helps to reduce enlarged spots
  • Soothes the effect of uneven skin tone
  • Promotes the growth of hair and alopecia
  • Reduces the effect of stretch marks
  • Improves the appearance of skin and elasticity

Targeted Areas

One of the most common areas where micro-needling is used at large is that of the face. However, it is sometimes used to treat stretch marks on different body areas. For example, when combined with fillers, using micro-needling can be effective for stretch marks on the abdomen and thighs.


The exact cost of a Dermapen4 skin needling skin generally depends on your treatment. It also depends on your location and the cost of medicine in the same area. Also, as micro-needling is a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered under insurance. Therefore, if you are looking to get it done, be sure to ask about ge entire costs in advance for better benefit.

How it Works

The main way, the entire micro needling works is by influencing your skin to produce more collagen. The overall pinpricks also might cause slight skin injuries by making the collagen tissues rich enough. The considerable encouragement of making additional collagen helps to make the skin look firmer and more effective.

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