Proper cash flow management is absolutely necessary for better revenues and profits of medical practice. If cash flow is not strengthened and managed, it can negatively affect the revenue cycle of a medical practice and in turn, the clinic can stop functioning. So cash flow management is crucial and poorly managed accounts receivable(AR) can negatively affect the cash flows of a medical practice.

Fortunately, many medical billing services in houston offer AR management services for physicians across the USA. Medical practitioners can attend to their patients with better focus without having to worry about managing accounts receivable. The main idea behind AR management and follow-up services is to increase collection for clinics. The process actually starts with creating and sending claims to health insurance companies. It is very important to follow up on both i.e. unpaid claims as well as the claims without any status.

A claim can remain unpaid due to a number of reasons such as terminated insurance, authorization issues, wrong diagnosis, referral issues, EDI rejections, partial payments, etc. A medical biller must ensure that they submit a claim without errors and with complete information as well as all the required documentation.

Medical billers can check claim status in real-time by logging on to insurance company websites and portals. Moreover, billers can also contact insurance companies to find the status of unpaid claims. In case, billers cannot get any information from websites or directly contacting insurance companies, they can get in touch with insurance company reps to clear their doubts about claims. By following up on denied claims and properly managing account receivables, physician offices can see an increase in their revenues.

medical billing services in houston
Medical practices can partner up with billing companies and let the experts do their job in medical billing, denied claims follow-up, and AR management. For example, a Houston-based private practice can signup with a company that provides medical billing companies in Houston. And it is the same with practices of all sizes in cities of the USA. There are numerous other benefits as well of outsourcing medical billing services such as lower costs, time-saving, more focus on patients, better revenues, streamlined billing processes, appointment reminders, satisfied patients, payment reminders. It is however essential that you select a billing company for your practice carefully after asking for references, inquiring about the services offered, and discussing costs.

Medical Billing Companies


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  • SybridMD
  • BillingFreedom
  • AthenaCollector
  • eMentalist Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd.

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