Maximize your HME Billing Margin

Medical billing at the end of the day is a business that is measured down to margins. This is why it becomes very important for your HME healthcare providers to ensure a seamless billing process with lesser denial and rejection. As it is seen that denial and rejection claims drain out most of the healthcare revenue; shrinking the margins.

Some common reasons for denial in HME billing : 

  • Errors in information – being the most common reason, errors mistake can happen in missing subscriber number, incorrect incident date, incorrect patient medical history, demographic data etc.
  • Late filling – each HME claims has a different filling dateline and the average medical practice has contracts with 13 payers and even more. It is seen that due to the excessive burden of administrative and other billing activities, billers often tend to miss out on a deadline for the timely filing of claims.
  • Issues related to coverage – at times the patient’s insurance coverage changed since their last visit. Failure to verify the coverage is also one of the reasons for claims denial.
  • Lack of specific codes etc- with thousands and thousands of ICD – 10 codes and changing billing regulation, coders miss out on the present industry mandate leads to errors.

According to studies and researches denials are preventable.             

Steps to prevent denial in your HME billing :

Even though human errors are common, however with careful consideration, denial and rejection in claims can be avoided. With experienced and trained billers and coders from Sunknowledge Services Inc. in fact can help you with your claims management problems.

Providing you a cleaner insurance claims meeting all the requirements, Sunknowledge experts ensure rechecks ensuring a 99.9 % precision rate. With minimal denial in your HME billing, our coders Sunknowledge services expert further reviews every process before the claims submission to the highest level of specificity. Ensuring 80 % cost reduction in your operational cost; we further have 100s of excellent industry references as well.

Ensuring all the heavy lifting work of the front desk staff and managing it seamlessly, we are today known for handling each denied claim most efficiently.

So end your worries and improve your denial rate by partnering with us, Sunknowledge Services Inc. for more information on how partnering with us can benefit your healthcare practice, get in touch with our experts over a ‘no commitment call’.

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