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Massey Ferguson 260 is a medium-range tractor existing by Malik Argo industries; it is an expandable, fuel-efficient, and burly engine which is ready with a turbocharged engine and is really in order of farmers from a small to medium size. It carries 60 HP and is artificial in the 2WD alternative.MF260 is 60 HP and produces a torque of 212Nm at 1600 RPM. It turbocharges which produces further power and gives extra assistance in ominous and soft soil where toehold is much enviable. It has a 2.5l water-cooled engine with direct immunization and carries 3 cylinders. They usually a collection of MF 260 is 1890 Kg and a huge wheelbase of 1890mm and can hold 47.5L of fuel and an engine sump of around 6.8l.

MF 260 Tractors Technical stipulations are, it’s a 60HP tractor with a turbocharged engine of Perkins, T 3.1524, and its engine energy at 540 PTO rpm is 1789 rpm. MF-260 broadcast is of huge power with 8 onward and 2 back gears. While It has a dual-clutch with dynamic Straddle Rear Axle to make a firm smoother dissemination with Oil-immersed Multi-Disc Mechanical Brakes and Manual navigation for enhanced pouring power. Moreover, MF-260 Hydraulic System roles are Draft Control, Position Control, reaction Control; never-ending Pumping with the most oil stream of 16 liters/min at the highest weight of 21mpa at standard warmth, and lifting power with lower links is 2170 kg.

Features OF Massey Ferguson 260 TRACTORS:

MF 260 Tractor features are;

  • Turbocharged engine.
  • High performance, Diesel Turbocharged Engine.
  • Less Smoke discharge due to better Fuel Burning.
  • Oil Cooler Added for Effective Cooling.
  • High PTO Power for the skilled method of tube Wells, Threshers, etc.
  • Efficient Oil Immersed Multi-Disc Brakes.
  • Spring Suspension Deluxe Seat.

Massey Ferguson MF 260 Tractor is a widely no-expense-spared model as it is a fuel-efficient, ecological, and high performing tractor. While MF-260 tractor gives off a reduced amount of smoke due to its less fuel outpouring with deserving quality features. While That’s why the common people eternally look for MF-260 tractor for sale, for all kinds of farming requirements. MF 260 Tractor Price is very fair-minded and MF 260 Tractor reviews are for all time mammoths from its satisfied customers.

What do Malik Argo Industries provide?

Based in Pakistan/ South Africa, Malik Argo industries one of the most important and most dedicate suppliers of classic and model Massey Ferguson tractors and spare parts in the country. We make available both put up for sale and deal and pride ourselves on our service. Combined with our huge hodgepodge of stock and our capable staff’s comprehensive knowledge. We can lend a hand you come across the parts you need quickly, all from one place and at a practicable price.

Unparalleled product quality and customer service are the most noteworthy qualities to us; all of our sales squads have dazzling understanding and excitement relating to tractors. Customers are welcome to visit our Trade Counter where you can communicate confronting each other with one of our sales legislatures. All of the tractors and their parts. We build-up or pay for practice on the appropriate models before a sale. We as well put forward wide-ranging security on all of our special goods. While We do not believe in purchasing low-grade quality products just to obtain a slighter price; the harms caused by lower yield are not appreciated in the beginning economy.

Easy to Use a way to take Massey Ferguson Tractors makes us diverse from others:

Malik Argo industries are trusted South Africa and Pakistan based companies engaged in the export of tractors. Our happy customers are extending approximately the sphere. While Our tractors prices are very much doable and we can convey tractors of your selection at your doorstep irrespective of your geographic location. It is very straightforward to put an online tractors/ implements order. Moreover, All you call for to achieve is to look through our tractors website. Select the tractor of your assortment, and click the Tractor inquiry tab and fill out our simple online tractor order form to put your order.

As soon as you place an order. One of our legislatures will call you through email/ phone you have mentioned in the form. Our team is very responsive and always there to help you. Our high-quality tractors, implements, and agricultural equipment make our name highlighted in the field of farming. Farmers prefer us to purchase any kind of farming equipment and Tractors at a reasonable price as they want. We deliver exceptional products and implements that always match the needs of our customers.

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