MAS Business Solutions- Facilitating growth for SMEs

MAS Business Solutions is a startup organization providing a diverse range of business solutions to help businesses grow. The consultancy firm came into existence in May 2020. Jole Figliomeni is the founder of MAS Business Solutions. She is a successful businesswoman involved in social and political activities. 

The startup firm provides best-in-class consultancy services, ensuring the highest quality standards. Since its inception, MAS Business Solutions has been supporting innumerable small & medium sector enterprises in digital transformation by developing digital transition paths. 

Company Mission 

MAS Business Solutions was formed with the objective of helping SMEs evolve from the disrupted social-political context that emerged due to the pandemic and caused irreversible structural changes in the market. The primary goal of MAS Business Solution is to help SMEs take advantage of the technological offerings and face business challenges. 

The organization has a team of skilled international teams who develop digital transformation paths to help small and medium sector businesses improve operational efficiency and build resilience to change. 

Services offered by MAS Business Solutions 

MAS Business Solutions provide a wide range of services to help businesses achieve their goals. 

Strategic Consulting and Management 

MAS Business Solutions supports SMEs in achieving their business objectives. The organization works collaboratively with SMEs in creating and implementing the best business solution. All the efforts are focused on the goal of pursuing excellence. The startup firm also offers outsourcing and temporary management solutions to ensure that you’re constantly connected to the strategic hub. 

Innovation Management 

The experts at MAS Business Solutions support project innovation. The consultancy firm optimizes the facilities provided by the Italian government or EC for training 4.0. Moreover, it’s also assisting companies in adopting and installing digitization paths. Apart from that, MAS has also been supporting companies in improving the tax of benefits generated by Training 4.0. 

Risk Management 

Risk Management allows the organization to find innovative ways to safeguard company resources and minimize financial risks. At MAS Business Solutions, you’ll get an extensive range of risk management services, including risk and compliance management, fraud prevention, risk management, mapping, and much more. 

MAS- Business Model 

  • MAS enterprise 

Strategic consulting 

The services are focused on reorganizing business processes and digitization. 

  • MAS formation 

Training paths 

Comprehensive training is provided to enhance skills. Certification is also grant. 

  • MAS projects 

MAS helps SMEs adopt innovation in projects. 

  • Innovation Management 

Supporting innovation at every step by outsourcing specialist services and helping you get the expertise of an innovation manager. 


Strengths, benefits, and expected results 


  1. Get access to the best resources at affordable prices. 
  2. A permanent hub for supporting innovation. 
  3. Growing organizations by minimizing direct investment. 



  1. Boost organizational resilience to meet objectives. 
  2. A robust strategy to adapt to changes. 
  3. Development of an effective strategy to safeguard the organization’s image. 



  • Better operational efficiency 
  • Organized processes and procedures 
  • Improved company reputation 


MAS Business Solution is your one-stop destination if you’re looking for consultancy services to grow your business.  Consultancy firm provides the best services from consultancy to digitization for companies of all sizes and public administrations, thus helping them grow. Therefore ‘s indeed a one-stop for all your IT needs.