Manage your prior authorization burden with Sunknowledge approach in 2023

Prior authorization has always been a topic of stress for many.  Even today prior authorizations are still the top regulatory burden according to a group of executives stated in a recent survey. In fact, in the survey, it is also seen that 90 % of respondents said the regulatory burden on their practice has increased over the last 12 months in the 2022 MGMA’S 2022 Annual Regulatory Burden Report; while only one percent of respondents reported that the regulatory burden decreased more than 31 percent reported of it not being changed at all. 

Today the prior authorization trouble has augmented even more with the staffing shortages as they are making compliance even more burdensome. While the increasing costs coupled with decreasing reimbursement rates mean there are no resources available to put toward regulatory issues; managing the complex prior auth subject is becoming a pain point for many. This is why more than 89% of practices today have hired or is redistributed staff and taking help from operational extension support to work on prior authorization complications to avoid any kind of pain, delay and prior auth burnout according to the MGMA. 

The Sunknowledge effect: 

Working on the complex part of prior authorization while authorization initiation, approval and submitting and follow up authorization, Sunknowledge for the last 15 + years has been delivering outstanding prior auth state of art support to many and avoiding any kind of financial burden.

 Complying with the policies regulations and implementing better prior authorization management, with Sunknowledge you further experience reduction in your operational costs, shrinking your authorization errors rate and also faster authorization approval. Guaranteeing the highest first pass collection of 97 % and 100% authorization submission on the same day, Sunknowledge is known for the highest productivity metrics as well.

Lowering your overhead, Sunknowledge is also popular for offering customizable and scalable authorization solutions with excellent references. 

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with one of the experts right now over a ‘no commitment call’ and get access to a better authorization workflow and ROI for your practice for year 2023.