Makeup Artist Singapore

Keith Chua, a make-up artist for 19 years and one of Singapore’s leading make-up artists, works in the wedding and fashion industries. He creates strong runway looks for clients who like high fashion and are well versed in natural bridal styles. Keith is also responsible for make-up and hair classes to guide and teach aspiring brides and make-up artists as well as hair professionals.

Artistry specializes in emphasizing natural beauty, applying many layers of make-up to the face to create a natural, soft and clean look. Keith specializes in natural bridal styles such as natural hair and skin tones and will give the bride a feeling of self-confidence on her wedding day.

Artistry is able to do all the make-up and hairstyles while being detailed and professional in a single service. Atelier, Singapore’s leading make-up company for brides, has a team of talented and experienced make-up artists, including renowned artists from across the industry. After a mentoring program under the direction of chief artist Cherry Au, the make-up artist at Autelsier is said to be well acquainted with current trends and techniques.

The Academy regularly hosts on-campus recruiting drills, with leading brands including L’Oreal Singapore, H & M, Chanel, Prada and many others appearing to look for Makeup Artist Singapore.

The Professional Makeup Artistry course focuses on make-up and hairstyling as well as the application of make-up techniques. An academy offers both personal and professional make-up courses and is run by hair mentors from L’Oreal Singapore, H & M, Chanel and Prada.

The course covers everything from make-up to hairstyles to the actual wedding day. For the bride who has her purse strapped a little tighter for her big day, don’t worry, there are talented make-up artists who provide affordable services. They are categorized on the basis of their expertise in the areas of hair, make-up, hairstyle and hair care.

Ling Palette is a make-up artist and hairstylist specializing in clean, natural makeup. As an award-winning professional artist, Valerie Tang Yong is passionate about creating beauty. She believes in bringing out the individuality of the bride by enhancing natural beauty through make-up-to-make looks.

By striving for the shine of a beautiful bride, she can also use her feelings and her confident look to the big day with the help of her make-up artist. [Sources: 3]

Hiring Valerie was one of the best decisions I have made in my life and I am very happy with the result.

Malena Bridal has the best professional bridal make-up artists that will definitely make you look your best on the most important day of your life. MalenaBridal Singapore not only helps you choose a good wedding dress, but also helps you choose the make-up of the bride in Singapore. You can entrust them with the task of making wedding make-up, just as you trust any other professional make-up artist in the world, not just for your wedding.

We know that on your wedding day you want to look and feel the best so that you can cherish the memories of your day for a lifetime. MalenaBridal Singapore’s make-up approach will enhance your natural features and you will have a bridal look that will be forever classic and timeless.

Think natural lashes, natural brows and natural eyebrows with a little rouge and a hint of mascara.

Founded by Yvonne Bridal Makeup Artist, Singapore’s signature make-up style belies the natural look and Korean fashion look. For brides who want a classic, natural look for their wedding day, a bridal make-up artist in Singapore might be the solution. Make-up and hairstyle are designed with a focus on the bride’s skin tone and natural hair style as well as her hair color.

You can experience a wide range of make-up – including make-up for weddings and bridal make-up, make-up for fashion shows, make-up for events and even make-up and hairstyles for a variety of events.

I believe that every bride deserves to do her best to look very good, not only as she imagines herself, but also as a bride herself. It’s about highlighting a person’s characteristics and making them feel and look beautiful.

Jovie completed the course of professional make-up, hairstyles and artistry at the National University of Singapore to begin her career as a professional make-up artist. She has also participated in numerous workshops, seminars and workshops in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia to improve and provide the best service to her customers.