Make Your Logo And Brand Stand Out With Custom Embroidered Towels

A custom embroidered towel with your logo is a fantastic way to advertise your brand. There is nothing better that drives attention than a nicely embroidered logo with true colors.

New-age technologies in graphic design and embroidery now make it possible for firms to accept orders for Custom Embroidered Towels and have them shipped out quickly.

Turkish cotton towels serve as ideal luxury hotel towels
Luxury hotels are conscious of their brand and image as they cater to high-end customers. These customers are very demanding and want only the best product and service. For their use hotels buy nothing less than high quality 100% GOTS certified organic cotton towels that are between 450 to 600gsm.

Although Egyptian cotton towels are also of a high quality, it is the Turkish cotton towels that are the most popular. Sometimes also called as Peshtemal, Hammam or Fouta towels, they are famous because they are made from premium Turkish Cotton that has extra long fibers, resulting in fewer joints and thus stronger and smoother cotton threads.

The cotton weave and the long staple fibers make the fiber softer, stronger and more absorbent. As a result, the Turkish cotton towels are more absorbent and hence serve as ideal luxury hotel towels.

Embroidery makes the towel appear special
The embroidery done on the towels is of satin and can be in multiple colors. Designs can be traditional or modern. Turkish traditional designs adapted to western tastes and preferences are most common. Embroidery is done mostly on solid shapes and placement of the design is done about 4 inches above the lower border of the towel. This ensures that the design gets prominence when the towel is folded.

Sometimes words such as “Welcome” or “Enjoy your stay at (name of hotel + logo) ” are embroidered on the towels. This makes the hotel towel stand out and also reinforces the luxury image of the hotel. It creates a favorable impression on the guest because psychologically, a towel stands out on the basis of not just its own quality, but also the quality of what it represents as a hotel. Secondly, custom embroidered towels stand out from other ordinary and common towels that are available in the market.

Custom embroidered towels with your logo and brand
As guests have different preferences, it is always a good idea to offer them a variety of hotel towels in different sizes. These comprise face cloths (30x 30cm), hand towels (50x100cm) for drying your hands and face, a bath towel (67x135cm) for full body drying and a bath sheet (100x170cm) for wrapping around the body.

Custom embroidery can be done on all the above sizes in simply and easy steps. There are towel wholesalers who have large facilities to process orders quickly. They take the artwork of your logo and brand and can do custom embroidery in different colors and various types of stitches.

Custom embroidered towels with your company’s logo and brand serve as a perfect promotional gift item. You can even hand them out to employees, or gift them as giveaways to your corporate clients and business associates.

Custom embroidery on towels serves as a very good medium of advertising. It is an inexpensive and has a high brand recall.

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