Make Duracable Your Drain Cleaning Equipment Supplier

Drain cleaning businesses require specialized equipment, and here a Duracable we specialize in offering drain cleaning and plumbing professionals everything they need. Whether you need a 100 Ft Snake or a new drain cleaning machine, we have many quality options in stock. We know that you rely on these supplies for your livelihood, so we don’t offer any products that we would not be pleased to use in the field ourselves.

At Duracable Manufacturing, we have been working closely with drain cleaning professionals since 1981. With over 30 years of supplying businesses like yours under our belt, our team is here to help you find exactly what you need. All of our products are made right here in the US and we also offer repair services and payment plans to help businesses get the equipment they need and keep it in good operating condition.

Your drain cables are one of the most important pieces of equipment in your van and we are dedicated to offering the best cables in the business. Every cable we produce starts with a coil of our proprietary hard drawn high tensile wire. We stress test every batch before we spin it into our of our quality Diracable drain snakes. We offer a wide variety of cable styles, from 37 ft snakes for home use to 100 ft snakes for clearing sewer mains. Whatever jobs your business takes, we have the cables you will need.

To give your Duracable drain snakes some extra power, you need to try our drain cleaner machines. We offer nine drain cleaner models that we have designed to fit a wide array of possible jobs. For businesses that work on mainly small residential lines, our sink machines offer the perfect balance of compact size and incredible power. For bigger mains, our sled and upright models can easily push a 100 ft snake through a line and break up any clog it might encounter.

If you are dealing with a particularly challenging clog or tree root, you might need a special cutting blade for your cable end. We offer over 100 different cable ends, including our pre-sharpened saw-toothed steel blades and our sturdy grease cutters. Our cable ends fit almost all drain snakes on the market, and we offer a wide range of blade chucks to help keep these accessories secure.

We also have partnerships with a few select brands which allows us to carry several other drain cleaning and drain care products. We carry a variety of ProClean drain care products so you can offer your customers some extra protection against future clogs. Our partnership with RIDGID also allows us to offer fantastic deals on their surveying equipment. RIDGID cameras can help identify the source of a clog while their utility line locators make finding lines underground a simple process.

If your RIDGID products need to be repaired, we are also a certified RIDGID service partner. We also obviously offer repair services for our own devices. If your Duracable drain cleaning machine needs repairs, you can send it back to us for inspection. If you choose Duracable to conduct your repair services, we will waive our product inspection fee.

So next time your business needs quality drain cleaning supplies, visit our website and browse our catalog. We know the drain cleaning industry, and our team is happy to help you find exactly what your business needs. If you want to know more about our products and services, give us a call today at 515-512-9817. If you need a reliable equipment manufacturer with fast shipping and convenient service, Duracable is here for you.

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