An Overview on Some of the Major Tyre Types

Tyre are a crucial part of a vehicle’s hardware. They are the only link a car has with the ground. Thus, it’s essential to equip your four-wheeler with the most appropriate tyres to receive the performance you desire. The choice of Michelin Tyres Birmingham must depend on your vehicle type, driving requirements, preferences, budget, and road and weather conditions.

Before buying tyres for your vehicle, get an overview of the types of tyre available in the market. 

Summer Tyres –

This range of tyres incorporates a softer rubber compound that ensures firm grip and traction in dry and wet road conditions. Summer tyres are ideal for warm weather when the temperatures rise above 7 degrees Celsius. They feature a unique tread pattern that helps quickly evacuate water and slush from the car’s path and prevent aquaplaning in wet conditions. Summer tyres provide high levels of agility and speed in hot climates.

Winter Tyres –

Winter tyres are a legal requirement in specific countries as they provide a safer driving performance when the temperatures fall. These tyres are suitable even in freezing weather. They comprise softer rubber than their winter counterparts, having more silica content. It provides the tyres with high gripping ability on roads covered with water, ice and snow. These units have a unique tread pattern with an optimal amount of sipes, enabling the tyre to interlock the snow to deliver a shorter braking distance and higher stability. So, if you live in a region that experiences extreme snowfall or cold weather, winter tyres are an ideal option for you.

All-season Tyres –

As their name implies, all-weather tyres can provide optimal driving performance all year round. These tyres incorporate the unique features of their seasonal counterparts: winter and summer tyres. These tyres can provide good stability, cornering and grip in mild temperatures. Since they are a compromise, they are not suitable in extreme temperatures. But, if your area doesn’t experience the best of both seasons, you can opt for all-season tyres. This range of tyres is a cost-effective option. You need not change your tyres when the season changes. Also, they reduce the maintenance costs as you don’t have to service two different sets for winters and summers.

Run-flat Tyres –

This range of tyres is one of the best uses of technology so far. Run-flat tyres have self-support tyre technology. The tyre sidewall carries the overall weight of the vehicle during a puncture. With these tyres, you can drive your car up to a distance of 50 miles at a limited driving speed of 50 kph on a flat tyre. It helps you reach a nearby auto garage safely and replace your tyre. When you equip your vehicle with run-flat tyres, you prevent yourself from the risk of changing the tyre at the roadside and ensure safety. To fit run-flat tyres, you have to install a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) in your vehicle.

Performance Tyres –

Ultra-high-performance tyres are ideal for performance vehicles, like sports cars, coupes and luxury sedans. These tyres offer sportier handling and higher speed capabilities than their other counterparts. These tyres incorporate unique tread compounds, offering superior levels of grip and traction at high driving speeds. Performance tyres are suitable for dynamic drivers as they provide precise steering response, excellent handling, and high-speed capabilities. So, if you are looking to enhance your driving experience or want the best tyres for an adventurous ride, performance tyres are a good option for you.

4*4 Tyres –

These tyres have a sharper, rugged tread pattern essential for extreme off-road driving. 4*4 tyres feature wider tread blocks with a deeper tread depth and higher rubber ratio. The reinforced tread and sidewalls help them deliver good stability and cornering in rough terrains, including mud, grass, snow, etc.

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