Looking At Everpure Water Filter Cartridges

The Everpure line of filter systems from Pentair is one of the highest quality home filtration options on the market. At efilters we specialize in helping homeowners find the perfect Everpure system for their homes. Not only do the systems offered by Everpure create exceptionally clean drinking water, but they are also engineered to be extremely easy to install and maintain. The secret to the effectiveness of these systems are the amazing Everpure Water Filter Cartridge design. These cartridges can filter hundreds of gallons and each contains several features that make them the perfect option for home drinking water filtration.

Each of Everpure’s cartridges feature a sleek metal design. The insides are all coated so this metal never comes in contact with your water. Depending on your filter system, each cartridge has a lifespan of 300 to 3000 gallons of water and they can filter down to .5 microns. These cartridges remove the contaminants that cause foul odors and tastes without removing essential minerals from your water.

The secret to Everpure’s cartridges is the MicroPure filter media. This carbon based filtration media has an incredible surface area. This lets the media soak up a huge range of contaminants as water passes through it. The structure of the filter media is also a unique pleated design. This increases the ability for water to flow through the cartridge, helping the water to interact with the media.

Every cartridge also includes a bacteriostatic agent. This is a chemical agent that helps prevent bacteria from multiplying within the cartridge. This means that any bacteria that the cartridge removes from your water will not continue to multiply within the cartridge and further contaminate your drinking water. Because of this, these cartridges can operate for months without any risk of bacterial growth.

Everpure also makes reverse osmosis cartridges for their RO systems. These cartridges contain a semi permeable membrane that can filter water down to 0.00001 microns. They also require a prefilter cartridge to remove any chlorine or large particulate that could damage the membrane. The ROM III reverse osmosis system also includes a third layer of filtration to remove any volatile organic compounds that make it through the membrane.

No matter which Everpure system you choose for your home, all the systems can be installed quickly and easily using only a few simple tools. Many of the systems will require installing an additional faucet for dispensing your filtered water. Some systems, like the PBS400, will use your existing faucet’s cold water line to dispense your filtered drinking water.

No water which system you choose to use, almost all filterheads are compatible with the full range of Everpure water filter cartridges. As long as you have left enough room to install the cartridge you would like to use next, it will fit and work perfectly. If you find the H300 cartridge does not last long enough for your needs, you can use a PBS400 filter and get 10 times the lifespan. Changing out your filter cartridges is about as easy as changing a lightbulb and needs to be done when you notice low water pressure from your system.

If you are ready to enjoy having filtered water on demand, its time to add an Everpure system to your home. Here at efilters, our team can help you find the perfect system for your home and provide replacement Everpure water filter cartridges. To find out more about or catalog and which system would be the best fit for your home, contact our team at 1-866-283-9919.

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