Reduce your Long Term Care Facility Billing Denial with Sunknowledge Services Inc

The annual cost of a long term care facility currently averages around $18 to 20,000 nationally and even more. Today the aggregate national costs for long term care facilities have been growing at a faster rate than the growth in national health expenditures of all kinds. About 80 percent of the nation’s Long term care facility beds are proprietary: the remainder is public and not-for-profit facilities. There is wide interstate variation in the availability and utilization of Long term care facility beds by the elderly.

In fact, the long term care facility today grew from $7 billion to more than $29 billion. With such a huge demand, you not only need experienced billers and certified coders handling your long term care facility billing but also experts who are regularly up to date with billing regulation as it is often seen that inexperienced billers handling long term care facility billing lead to rejection and errors in the claims and billing process mostly due to:

  • missing information that is required for processing
  • Invalid information. For example:
    • Incorrect Member ID #
    • Incorrect Provider NPI or TIN #
    • Invalid Rev Codes or even Diagnosis Codes
  • Member not eligible for the date of service billed
  • NH service prior authorization not obtained
  • Claim not submitted on time
  • The duplicity of claims. As previously submission of claims has already been done long back

This is where Sunknowledge Services Inc can help.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: helps you with seamless Long term care facility billing processes:

Taking your complete pre and post billing responsibility, Sunknowledge experts reducing your operational cost by 80% also, take care of doctor’s office follow-up directly with a reduced billing and coding errors maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate. Ensuring continuous follow-up, our experts further help all our clients with faster reimbursement and also in closing all the billing, coding, and collection gaps faster and efficiently.

So if you are looking for an RCM operation that can help you with faster reimbursements with complete operational transparency along with seamless operation that will change your billing and coding process for the better, get in touch with Sunknowledge Services Inc. with more than 100s of excellent clients references, we today is one of the leading RCM with highest productivity metrics, catering billing, coding as well as collection solution across the US.

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