Sunknowledge – A Dynamic Long Term Care Facilities Billing Solution

If you are looking for an RCM solution to resolve your claims issues in long term care facilities, reduce the errors rate or even mitigate the expensive labor charges for billing and coding services then Sunknowledge Services Inc is the perfect destination. We are more than an operational partner providing complete pre and post long term care facilities billing services only at $7 per hour which is far less than what you spend in an in-house biller.

Catering to various specialties like DME, HME, power mobility device, urgent care, healthcare virtual assistance as well as long term care facility billing and many more; Sunknowledge Services Inc today is known for its highest productivity metrics.

With unparalleled billing support to no cost dedicated manager, we are a proven expertise helping you increase your bottom lines in no time.

Ensuring successful strategies in reducing the errors rate and claims denial and rejection, we are one of the RCM helping you with providing profitable revenue. With a clear path of financial success from the start itself, our experts reduce the operational cost of your skilled nursing facilities billing further by 80 percentages.

In fact, the best parts of the Sunknowledge as an operational extension for long term care facility billing are:

Dynamic billers and coders – with years of experience in billing, coding, collection process we not only ensure a seamless billing solution but with the precise software knowledge, our experts further ensure in closing your billing gaps faster and efficiently.

Lesser errors – maintaining a strict check and rigorous follow up, with us, you additionally get a guaranteed precision rate of 99.9%

Faster reimbursement rate – reducing the errors and problems in your long term care facility billing, with customized reporting and seamless billing traction, partnering with us is a way for faster reimbursement.

Being up to date with new regulations we help your business grow.

Other perks  –                                    


  • Resolving aged AR as old as three years
  • 100 ’s of excellent references to support new acquisitions.
  •  Absolutely free no cost dedicated account manager
  • We are covered under Hiscox insurance, with liability coverage of $1 million for any errors of omission and commission

So call us right now and take your long term care facility billing to the next Level. We are everything that will help you to succeed.

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