Living Room Window Treatments to Have Instant Sophistication

What is the first thing that comes to one’s mind while designing a living space? The living room is usually the place where the whole family communicates. Hence, the place must be comfortable. What can make a place relaxing? One of the biggest things are the window treatments. Living room window treatments are the perfect way of dressing up a living space. Want to revive the look of your living space but don’t have an idea how to start with the process? Here are some stunning window treatment ideas that can make your living place fashionable instantly. 

  • Apply Some Trim 

One of the simplest tricks to make any window dressing feel special is to add bold colored or printed trim to its textile. You can choose trim color with thick drapes matching with the accessories and wallpaper of the room. 

  • Beautify the Blinds 

In early times, blinds were considered to be boring window dressings. But now there are plenty of fabrics, textures and color choices for blinds. Hence, they no longer are viewed as “plain:”. White matchstick style blinds work great as living room window treatments. They offer a tailored look and match well with modern as well as traditional decorating schemes. 

  • Double-Layered Drapery 

Double-layered draperies in the living room have an inviting vibe and make a space cozy. These living room window treatments are quite practical. Moreover, they are very effective in controlling light inside a living space. 

  • Pop with Pattern 

Adding patterns to window coverings of a living space will instantly make it stylish and attractive. Charming patterns in window treatments drive the attention of guests while combinations such as white and blue provide a soothing feel inside the room. 

  • Mix & Match 

Why only pick a single type of window treatment when you have the option to add a few? Mixing and matching two kinds of window treatments can make a space airy. You can use sheer curtains with shades to create a style statement without much effort. 

  • Styling with Shutters

In addition adding color palette and textures to living room window treatments, you can also make the living space cozy. But how? Wooden shutters will be the right choice as they will nicely blend with the interior décor allowing some sunlight into the space. 

  • Black Drapes 

You can create a bold look by using black color curtains for the windows. Living rooms mostly have white curtains. But, if your living space has white walls, then you can create a contrast look by installing black drapes. 


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