Lend Your Home Quirky Touch with Fun Furniture

Home is indeed a place “where heart remains”, says Mrs. Shenoy, the owner of a 4 BHK luxury apartment in Rajarhat. She is a newly married young lady, with all her dreams of having a plush and luxury home in Kolkata. No wonder, she had the rosy dreams and of course an irresistible penchant for decorating her very own living space. With her creative zest, it was not even difficult to lend a luxe appeal to her new home.

Well, for her a bold style statement works fine. She settles for a quirky tone as it would outshine the boredom from her living space. Here’s how she has incorporated a quirky tone with amazing fun furniture.

1. Say Hi to Colours

She did it all with colours. None of the areas in her living room seems bland or subdued for she has chosen splashes of solid tones on the walls. To match with the wall paint, she placed multicoloured couch, patchwork sofa, and colour changing LED lamps, as well as multicoloured flowers paired with painted wine bottles. It creates the perfect fun vibe in her living arena.

2. Go Funky Go Eccentric

Who said eccentricity is only the poet’s domain? It can be the subject of an interior designer as well. Like Mrs. Shenoy, who is gifted with such creativity, pulling off a funky and eccentric decor drama is quite obvious. She adds quirky chairs in her living space that are way different from the concept of classic furniture. As she says, “My chairs are unconventionally functional”. These are all for breathtaking decor that soothes your mind after a chaotic day. In fact, these are art pieces that will keep your home warm & inviting always. Place them anywhere in the bedroom, living room or just where you feel like.

3. Quirky Architectural Pieces

Quirky architectural pieces add a visual drama to any living space. They are elegant in their own unique way and functional. In the creative homes, these architectural pieces amp up energy levels and balance the cosy vibe by using appropriate lightning and wall paints.

4. Store with Alphabets

These are pretty common as the home decor stuff in the luxury space. Since, Mrs. Shenoy always had a thing for quirky pieces; she even walked in the same direction with alphabetic storage design in the luxury apartment at Rajarhat. With alphabetic storage, you can effortlessly, put the mess in order. The sections in this alpha storage are arranged in an alphabetic order. Designed from natural wood, they can easily wonder you and keep your home clutter free. Such storage creates a delightful decor in a kid’s room as well.

5. Balance the Boxes

When it comes to quirky decor, balancing boxes are undoubtedly a great addition to any space. The very sight of the balancing boxes is soothing. Series of wooden boxes wriggling onto one another striving to maintain the equilibrium itself creates a magical appeal in every bit. You can store books, artifacts as well as tea light candles. It will lend your home an unconventional touch keeping the sophistication intact.

And, finally, we can’t ignore that our life is full of eccentricities and in every bit it is no less than weird. Isn’t it a great idea to get our weirdness compatible with our very own “creative home”? Let us know what you think.