Lend the Luxe to Your Bathroom with Shower Glass

Over the past few years, glass shower encasing has been immensely popular. More reliable than shower curtains and affordable than walled-in showers, glass screen is gradually becoming the preferred choice of many homeowners, when it comes to bathroom decoration.

Before glass manufacturers discover various techniques to work with this versatile material, glass shower screens used in the bathrooms were clear ones supported by metal frames. But, with time, innovative ideas come along with a wide array of options available in shower screens. Today, if you are looking to update your old shower with some trendy and classy pieces, there are endless choices. You can check out the following options, which are highly in use in the residential flats of International Themed Township in Pailan.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass sets in a tone of subtlety with utmost privacy. It gives a soft feel to your bathroom and at the same time matches with all kinds of theme and decoration. The frosted glass is more translucent than transparent, which also lets a lot of light in, thus making the area even more gorgeous. Nowadays, a lot of glass shower doors with frosted designs are available. Most of them sandblast coverage, or a little, depending on how much visibility you want to see into the shower.

Coloured glass

Coloured glass screens are widely popular in the21st century and such screens come in all kinds of colours. It can set your shower distinctively apart from the lot. But, you need to get one that matches the color scheme and the theme of your bathroom. Coloured glass encasing can be a brilliant accent piece for a bathroom with neutral scheme. You can also opt for sapphire blues and forest greens to add a characteristic brilliance to a nondescript bathroom.

Etched glass

If you have strong affinity for elegant arty pieces, etched glass can be the perfect choice for you. You can choose from aplenty of options, including geometric, floral etc. You can also go experimental with this by trying out some custom design. While installing the etched glass, make sure it effortlessly coordinate with the bathroom fixtures and entry door knob and other fixtures.

Textured glass

Textured glass is also a wonderful choice, when it comes to an outstanding bathroom decor. Available in various kinds of designs, they are highly customizable and can be tailored accordingly as per your needs. You can even have a 3D effect with textured glass.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other varieties as well, which are trendy and elegant from all aspects. Nowadays, many homeowners invest in semi-framed and frameless glass showers, because they offer clean and streamlined look. Those who prefer being traditional, can go for square or rectangular glass panels, glass blocks etc. And finally, keep in mind that the elegance of your shower doors will remain intact for years depending on its maintenance. Keep it dry & clean as much as possible. After all a glass shower screen gives you a gorgeous bathroom without breaking your banks.