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Social media Updates / Android users will get ‘lights of’ feature, the phone battery backup will grow on twitter. Gadget desk Twitter is going to add a dark mode feature soon. This feature has been named ‘Lights Off’. Twitter’s VP of Design and Research Dantley Davis told on his official Twitter handle that the new True Dark mode will be called ‘Lights Off’ and it will be launched in the first two weeks of September. According to the company, this feature will be released for Android users first. Later it will be released on iOS.

Davis’s tweet

Davis tweet on tweeter, “All Android users: ‘Lights Out Mode is coming for Android mobile users and will come in midSeptember month and now they go back to their regular scheduling programming.



Benefits of Lights Off

These features will work as a dark mode. In such a situation, users who use Twitter in the dark will be safe. With this, the backup of the phone’s battery will increase. The smartphone or tablet in which the OLED display screen is given, these modes of the pixels, thus reducing the power consumption of the smartphone.

Whatsapp can start payment service in India this year, 40 million users in the country

The global head of Whatsapp, Will Cathcart says that his company can start paying service in India this year. Cathcart, who came to India on a tour, said this in an event on Thursday. They say that Whatsapp fund also wants to make the transfer as easy as sending a message. Whatsapp has been testing payment service with about 10 million users since last year. There are 40 million users in the country.

Whatsapp was charged with not being secure on a payment platform

  1. Whatsapp will be competing with companies like PayyMM, PhonePay and Google Pay in payment service in India. Facebook group company Whatsapp has 150 million users worldwide The company is also considering introducing payment services in other markets other than India.
  2. To get started with Whatsapp, you have to face challenges such as verification and authenticity of data storage. Competitor companies have alleged that WhatsApps payment platform is risky for consumers. It is not even in accordance with fixed rules.
  3. In October last year, WhatsApp had said that according to the rules of the RBI, it has already prepared a system for payment data in India. In May this year, the company had said in the Supreme Court that the trial of payment service is expected to be completed by July but, it will not launch the service without following RBI rules.

Our old age showing stars on social media, such photos being prepared in 5 seconds from FaceAppe.

People are sharing photos of old age on social media, but it is amazing that those who are sharing such photos have not been old enough so far. Actually, such photos are being prepared with the help of FaceApps. The special thing about this app is that what a person would look like at the age of 60, the photo makes it. We are talking about the use of this app here.

App for both Android and iOS
FaceApp can install both Android and iOS users. The size of this app is approximately 24MB for Android users. It can be installed free from both platforms. It has so far been installed more than 100 million (100 million) from the Google Play Store.

Fasap works like this
First of all, install FaceApp on your smartphone. > The app asks you for some permissions, allow it. Now you will see Gallery, Facebook, Celeb and Camera options. Select one. > You can take photos using the gallery or front / rear camera. > After dragging the photo, the age option will appear on the bottom side, tab on it. > Now Tab the Old or Young here.  Now the photoconversion process will start. > You can save it in the gallery, or even share it on social media.

Stars showed their old age

Many people are watching their ups and downs on FaceApe, so our stars are not far behind. Arjun Kapoor shares the photo of old age with this app on social media. At the same time, the Jonas Brothers (Nick Jonas) also posted such a photo. Some users shared Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Varun Dhawan, Harry Potter with Ranvir and Deepika’s photos as old age and shared them. Not only that, on Twitter and Instagram

App accused of stealing data on the app
According to the media report, this app of the Russian company is uploading photos of the user without asking it. After installing the app it takes access to its gallery. New York Senator Chuck Schumer has demanded that the Federal Trade Commission and the FBI investigate the attack on national security and privacy. The Democratic Party has asked to delete the app immediately from representatives of participants in the primary election before the 2020 presidential election.

Author- Indworld