Know More About Pirelli Tyres

The wheel is a great invention, and the tyre is even greater as it made our lives much easier than ever. The world requires us to run from one place to another, and we know we can because of the advancement in the automobile industry. So we should be thankful to the geeks out there running these tyres manufacturing companies and blessing us with great tyres.

Pirelli & C. is one such company. They are one of the top tyre producing companies in the world. Think of any vehicle tyre, and you will find that on the company’s catalogue. Pirelli group has around 22 factories all over the globe, and they mainly function from the US, UK and Europe. Giovanni Batista Pirelli founded the company in 1872, and it has a very interesting story.

Mr Pirelli started a company which produces elastic rubber compound. The elastic rubber compound was made by mixing Sulphur in the rubber, which gave it the ‘power of self-healing’. In other words, he developed self-healing rubber which is now used in shoes, self-repairing tyres and many other things. This invention made the rubber compound elastic and long-lasting.

Types of Tyres Produced by Pirelli

Summer Tyres

Pirelli manufactures some cool tyres for summers. These kinds of tyres are helpful in places which gets warmer than 7 degree Celsius at least for a month. They provide better grip and smooth handling on wet and dry surfaces because of their large tread blocks. These blocks are responsible for making actual contact with the road, and they have a generous amount of rubber in them.

Winter Tyres

Now for times like Christmas and Easter, Pirelli ensures that your trip to home remains unaffected by snowy roads or cold surface. Winter tyres are designed to deal with snow, rain, ice and dry roads. They have a soft rubber compound that remains supple at low temperature and provides a better grip on snowy roads. In addition, winter tyres can be dispersing the water because of their deep treads, which reduces the risk of aquaplaning and helps maintain stability.

All Season Tyres

It is safe to assume the Pirelli has one of the best research & development team out there as apart from summer and winter tyres, they produce tyres for all seasons. These tyres are designed to ensure a good performance in every season.

Off-road Tyres

If you are planning to take your vehicle off the road, there is no way you can go without off-road Car Tyres Cheltenham as they can handle different surfaces like rocks, boulders, sand, desert, snow, etc. They are strong, sturdy and designed to provide grip on unorthodox surfaces.

High-performance Tyres

Pirelli is the leading producer of high-performance tyres in the world. For sports car lovers who want maximum performance from their cars, high-performance tyres are a dream. Pirelli has found a niche for itself in high-performance tyres.

Pirelli & Sports

The company loves sports. It competes with the best in business like Michelin, MRF, Bridgestone, etc. in the tyre business and also actively participates in motorcycle racing. The company has participated in over 350 motorcycle sports, and it also supplies tyres to the biggest racing event, Formula One.

The Big Family

The company could be defined as one big family because of the reason that they have more than 30,000 thousand employees all over the world. Of course, it is impossible to run such a huge company, but the legends whisper that the company has a great work environment.

Environmental Friendly

All love the one who loves the environment. Pirelli spends a considerable amount of money each year on the creation of sustainable energy. The company is recognized as one of the core members of the group fighting against climate change.

The ‘tyre world’ has many big and small companies, but Pirelli Tyres Cheltenham has its impact. It is one of the oldest companies, yet it churns out large numbers of tyres every year that are loved by all.

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