Know About Irish Number Plates

Do you know about Irish Number Plates? These private number plates can provide benefits just like UK number plates. Irish plates do not have an age indicator. It means that there is no need to consider the vehicle that will get these Irish number plates in the future.

Irish number plates are great gifts:

If you buy such a private number plate for your loved ones, you will remain relieved from the tension of matching the plate with the car. It doesn’t matter what the year of the car is. These plates can be attached to vehicles of any year and type.

Letters I and Z on Irish Plates:

Both the letters I and Z are allowed on Irish private number plates. It is to recognize them as Irish number plates. These plates are ideal for those who have got one or both of these alphabets in their name.


Irish private number plates are less costly than regular private plates. So, people who are looking for a personalized registration plate but don’t want to spend a hefty price can opt for Irish number plates.

Looks at an Irish number plate:

If you take a glance, you may think that Irish private number plates look identical to the other UK number plates. The plates have black alphanumeric characters placed on a white background and attached to the vehicle’s front. The same set of numbers and letters are placed on a yellow background and attached to the vehicle’s rear part.

Again, reflective material is used to manufacture the plate so that it can be noticed clearly during the night and when the car will pass through a shady place.

The particular style that is presently used by people in the UK, was actually accepted by Northern Ireland in the year 1973. It is considered the last major change of number plates in Northern Ireland.

Additionally, the change includes the adherence to certain regulations of characters in respect to shape and size.

The differences:

The format of the letters and characters used on Irish private number plates are different. A typical UK number plate consists of two alphabets which are followed by two numbers. Then, these numbers are followed by three alphabets. A typical Irish number plate consists of one to three alphabets followed by one to four numbers.

Again, the numerals starting from 1 to 999 are considered as ‘Cherished Registrations’. These registrations are issued against additional fees and special requests. Similarly, numerals with four digits that are identical like 9999 or 1111 can be achieved if extra money is given with a request.

There is another sequence of numbers that is present between the numbers like 1000 and 9998. It can be obtained on a basis of first come first served. There is a lack of change in respect to the look of Irish number plates in the future. Presently, there is a decrease in the availability of this particular format. An alternative has been offered. The private number plates reverse the format putting the numbers at first which are followed by letters.

The way to read Irish registration plates:

It is easy to read Irish private number plates. Car’s age can’t be recognized through Irish plates. The very first character is a letter in a sequence. The following two letters indicate the origin of the registration of the car. The characters I or Z represent Ireland. Another letter is there that denotes the council or country. The following numbers are issued sequentially and don’t contain any meaning.

Irish Number plates in the UK: Legal or not?

Number plates hailing from the Republic of Ireland are not legal in the UK. But, number plates from Northern Ireland which are called ‘Irish Number Plates’ are allowed in the UK. These plates can be registered to vehicles in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.


The differences between Irish number plates and UK number plates make the Irish plates a favorite option for people who want to display a unique private number plate. Northern Ireland private number plates can be legally shown on cars in the UK. Irish plates are the ideal gift for those who wish to present out-of-the-box number plates.

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