Kingdom Vapor: Your Vape Wholesale Distributor

Keeping up with the vape industry is no easy task, and if you own a vape shop you have to deal with customers who are constantly interested in the latest products. If you want to succeed in the vape industry, you need a Vape Wholesale Distributor with quality products to keep your customers happy. Here at Kingdom Vapor, we understand both sides of the business. Alongside our wholesale operation, we run a brick-and-mortar retail vape shop and eventually evolved into a wholesale vape supplier. We know what it is like to run a vape shop and we are here to help our wholesale clients succeed.

We know that it can be hard to keep a shop stocked and running smoothly, we’ve been there ourselves. Kingdom Vapor began as a vape shop in our hometown of Clarion, PA. We eventually realized that many of the distributors that sold to shops like ours were strangling businesses with their minimum order requirements. This was leaving shops with too much of their money tied up in a limited product line, eventually pushing potential customers to the internet to find alternative products. We decided the shops like ours needed a vape wholesale distributor that was willing to work with shops to meet their specific needs.

When we could not find a wholesaler like that, we became one and Kingdom Vapor Wholesale was born. Instead of operating on the mindset of making the biggest sale, we started working with our clients to make sure that they were only getting what their shops needed. We did away with minimum order quantities to encourage shops to try new products and test their markets.

Every market and every customer base will want different things. Instead of buying dozens of mods that might not sell in your market, we encourage our customers to test the waters by buying smaller quantities of several popular products to see what your shop should be focusing on. Once you know what products your customers enjoy, you can save more by ordering them in bulk quantities or look to our reps for input on what other products might sell well for you.

When it comes to knowing what products to try, our sales team is here to help. Before we add any new product to our inventory, we always have a member of our team test it. We know the questions customers ask, and we make sure we put every product through a comprehensive test to address any possible concerns. Whether this means stress testing a mod or just making sure a new juice variety tastes delicious, we make sure every product we offer is something we would be happy to use ourselves.

The vape market is constantly evolving and we know it’s important to keep your shop up to date. We are constantly testing new products to make sure that you can find the latest and greatest items for your shop. Whether it’s a new pod style vape or the latest regulated mod tech, you will be able to find it at Kingdom Vapor. We can also recommend the best new products on the market for your shop.

So if your shop needs a new vape wholesale distributor, the team here at Kingdom Vapor is ready to help you succeed. Instead of having to work with a company that is just trying to make a buck off your business, we are here to help you succeed and grow. Visit our site today and if you have any questions about our products, you can reach our team by phone 1-814-297-8240 or email at We are ready to help your business find the products you need to succeed.

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