Key Points to Cover in a Gas Furnace for Sale

Shopping for a gas furnace for sale is not like shopping for a pair of shoes or for a new set of pots and pans. Not to make light of the matter with a flimsy simile, but even though you can take your time shopping for most consumer goods before settling on one, a gas furnace for your home is a much more complex matter and one that needs to be thoroughly investigated before sinking time and money into one.

Probably the most important points you will have to evaluate before making a purchase decision are the size and capacity of the model in question. They are important for two key reasons. One is that a furnace will have to fit into your home and remain accessible for service and maintenance. Many home designs have foiled the placement of a furnace or air handler and it can be an expensive and frustrating venture to circumvent. In the way of capacity, that is important because it will determine if a furnace is suitable for your home and your location. You will need to purchase a furnace that can handle adequately heating the amount of air in your home. A model that might keep a family comfortable in Georgia just might not cut it in Maine.

Energy efficiency is another huge thing to evaluate in a gas furnace for sale before you settle on a model. A furnace’s AFUE rating is one of the best and most accurate ways to measure whether or not it will be suitable for heating your home. AFUE, which appropriately stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency, measures the efficiency of a furnace as a percentage which correlates to how much energy it can provide from a given unit input of fuel. Thus it follows that a furnace with a higher AFUE rating is more efficient at providing heat than one with a lower rating. It also means that a furnace with a higher AFUE rating can provide more output of heat from a smaller input of fuel, making them cost efficient as well.

You will also want to evaluate a furnace based on whether or not it is a single stage or a dual stage furnace, as this will affect its performance. A single stage furnace only offers one level of output and thus will be chewing up fuel at the same rate all the time. This is most practical for locations that do not have severely cold weather when the furnace will not need to be run all the time. Dual stage furnaces have two levels of output and thus the amount of fuel they burn and heat they output can be altered given the circumstances. This makes them necessarily more efficient, but it does not make them suitable for all locations. It’s just something to consider – for more information you can contact your HVAC technician. 

Other things like construction, multi speed and position blowers and ignition systems can fall under more personal categories and there are no right or wrong answers about superiority, necessarily. You can choose what suits your tastes.

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