Johnston And Murphy Shoes: The Best Shoes That Money Can Buy

Johnston And Murphy Shoes have been setting the standard by which other shoes all around the world are measured for 169 years. In the market for shoes, there are Johnston and Murphy shoes, and then there is everything else you can buy. They’ve been acclaimed as “The best shoes that money can buy,” which is quite an accolade since some people have quite a lot of money, and yes, they use it to buy shoes. That’s not even to mention that they have been outfitting the Presidents of the United States with shoes ever since their beginning in 1850. Not for nothing, but the office of the President of the United States carries quite a lot of clout. Let’s just say our Presidents can have their choice of shoes, and Johnston and Murphy has been a reliable supplier for over 150 years.

The point is, when it comes down to quality and style, Johnston and Murphy shoes just can’t be beat. If you’ve got to have a nice pair of dress shoes that are comfortable and in which you’ll look your best, go for Johnston and Murphy.

So if you’re looking for Johnston and Murphy shoes, head right to to find the best selection and customer service money can buy too. They’ve got every style you could go for so you can look your best no matter what the occasion. If you need a pair of shoes that slip on you would do well with either their Flower Tassel Loafers or their Breland Kiltie Tassels for a classic look that is also comfortable. Get them in black, brown or burgundy so you’re ready to match any style.

For the utmost in professionalism go with their Melton Cap Toe shoes in black calfskin. Prim, proper and utterly professional, these shoes can be worn to effect yourself perfectly in the most formal of situations. Their Conard Cap Toe shoes in black Italian calfskin, Conard Saddle Oxfords and Cormac Wingtip Lace-ups all present the same style and effect.

But Johnston and Murphy can set you up in comfort and style even when the occasion is more relaxed. For those times when you need to present a more casual side of yourself, you can go with a pair of shoes like their Howell Plain Toe shoes in light oil-tanned leather. They somehow maintain an air of dignity despite the levity of their looks. Similarly, their Shuler Bicycle Toe shoes and their XC4 Elkins Wingtips meld the presence of formality with a touch of leisure. They are both respectably attractive and relaxed in their look, giving you great freedom in how you can present yourself.

When you shop the awesome selection at Sherman Brothers, you don’t just get all these excellent picks, you get many more. You also get the more responsive customer service out there. Come to Sherman Brothers and find your next pair of Johnston and Murphy shoes or give them a call at 1-877-337–4637 and let them know the style you’re trying to match. They’ll have well-informed suggestions for you to look your best – they know the market and its products inside and out. Best of all, shopping at Sherman Brothers means you’ll be shopping tax-free and get free shipping too, which is like shopping through a huge shoe emporium all from the comfort of home and not having to pay a cent extra. When you’ll settle only for the best shoes that money can buy, well, that distinction has been drawn for you. Visit to find your next pair of Johnston and Murphy’s.

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