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Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer When You Agree?

If the decision to get divorced is one that you and your spouse come to in an amicable fashion and you both agree on the division of assets, you might not need to each have your own lawyer.  This is a bit of an oddity when it comes to the divorce process, but it can be done and it will save you and your spouse money in the long run.  When you both agree in your divorce, you need the right lawyer to help you handle the filing in Riverhead.

Avoid Some Lawyers

When you’ve come to an agreement and a conclusion with your spouse without the aid of lawyers, you’re going to want someone who will mediate the process, not someone that’s going to cause a larger rift in your process.  Yes, there are likely to be some items you didn’t think of, and these are the issues that you want a mediator to bring up and help you through, but what you don’t want is a lawyer that’s going to cause the two of you to become contentious and start fighting.

Some lawyers see a couple getting divorced and see dollar signs.  The problem is, if the couple already has most of the issues worked out and doesn’t need the lawyer to advise them, only to mediate, the cost will be greatly reduced.  This cost is the money the lawyer makes in the divorce.  A spousal support lawyer that’s only interested in their share of the awarded assets as payment for the time and effort put in could leave both you and your Spousal Support Lawyer Riverhead.  Avoid this and hire the right lawyer for your divorce so that you and your spouse can maintain more of your financial assets.

The Legal Team You Need

Make sure the lawyer you hire to mediate the divorce process for you and your spouse is someone that can help your divorce come to a conclusion quickly.  The team you’re looking for to handle this for you is James & Picarello, LLP.  With their expertise in divorce mediation, you’re going to have an expert at ironing out the smaller issues that you’ve not thought of.  With their help, you’ll be able to finalize your divorce in the minimum amount of time required and with a minimum cost to the both of you.

Your divorce doesn’t have to drag on and you don’t have to end up hating your spouse once the divorce is final.  There are some divorces that take place because it’s the best thing for both people and both are mature enough to recognize this fact.  It may be unusual, but if your divorce is an easy one, schedule a visit with a spousal support lawyer at James & Picarello, LLP and let them finalize the process for you in Riverhead so that both you and your spouse can move on with your lives at a lower cost and much easier than most who get divorced.