It’s Time to Eliminate Urgent Care Billing Worries

The urgent care billing can be quite complex from other medical billing specialties especially when your practice lack experienced billers and certified coders. This is because with the everyday shifting billing requirement and codes and modifier changing can be quite challenging at times. Moreover, with the rising in demand for the urgent care services and cases –it’s really important for your practice to not lose out on revenue due to simple mistakes. In fact with the recent hit from the pandemic crisis, many healthcare practices with limited resources had to face worse. This is why Sunknowledge brings you the ultimate solution.

Maintaining profitability at your practice, Sunknowledge Services Inc reduces the risk of shrinking bottom line. Easing your financial and administrative pressure, Sunknowledge experts with its extensive knowledge of complex urgent care billing and coding process, all about UB – 04 form, further work on a better billing solution than other can offer. With a strong team of expert well trained coders and billers, we today eliminate the headache of hiring or training new staffs, follow ups etc.

Maintaining profitability for your practice, Sunknowledge expert’s further guarantees:

  • Direct doctor’s office follow-up and faster data collection
  • Accuracy and timely claim submission and efficient claims management
  • timely payments and continuous cash flow
  • Reduce account receivables bucket
  • Error free coding
  • Track and pursue underpayments accurately
  • Work on reducing the overall operational cost
  • Customized analysis and reporting according to your specific requirements

Saving you from wasting your time, resources and money, Sunknowledge today is the leading RCM that closes your billing gaps quickly and efficiently at a cost effective rate which no one can offer.

So if you are someone looking to get your claims to get paid quickly, so that you can enhance your ability to focus on patient care, Sunknowledge Services Inc is the ultimate destination.

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