Is your shoulder workout giving you a pinched nerve pain?

The key to staying healthy and feel great every day is to do physical activities without a miss. However, sometimes people tend to perform certain types of exercises in a wrong manner such as maintaining a wrong posture during the shoulder press exercise and may wind up triggering pain in their neck area.

What actually goes wrong?

Broadly speaking, neck pain actually triggers due to the overuse of the muscles that are surrounding the neck and shoulder area.  Many shoulder muscles are basically attached to the neck muscles. If any exercise that you perform, exerts strain on the joints present in the neck area or a pinched nerve in the neck or shoulder area it immediately triggers pain.

As per a qualified health coach with fitness certification in India, one of the biggest reasons why people get neck pain is the poor posture they maintain during the shoulder related exercises. Instead of pushing your chin down for a neutral posture, some people out there tend to keep their chin forward and shoulders drooped. So, when you perform the exercise your chint ends to jut out and generates pressure in the neck and adjacent muscles. The trapezius muscle present in the neck area bears all the strain you put due to the wrong posture.

There are several types of exercises that you can do to reduce your neck pain. However, if you don’t see any improvement in the degree of the pain despite performing the below mentioned exercises then we would recommend you to consult a doctor for the same. Here are some of the stretches that can help you relieve the pinching nerve pain:

  • Trap Stretch: This type of exercise mainly focusses on your trapezius muscles, which can be found in the back area of your neck. For this, you need to put your right hand under your thigh, and use your left hand to slowly bend your head to the left side. Make sure you repeat the same exercise at least 3 times for each side, taking around 30-second pauses in between each exercise.
  • Neck Tilt or Chin Tuck: Most of you must have done this exercise during the pinched nerve pain without knowing the fact that it is a kind of stretching exercise that can help you relieve the pain. For this, you need to sit straight and slightly tilt your head down and bring your chin to close chest for at least 5 seconds. Come back to the starting position and perform the same stretch for 5 to 10 times.
  • Head Turns: First of all, sit straight and then slowly turn your heat to the left direction. Hold the same head position for 5 to 10 seconds and the slowly move your head to the right side and again hold for 5 to 10 seconds.

These exercises can easily be included into your daily routine. Bear in mind that you should not feel pain while doing these, says a qualified health coach with fitness certification in India.