Is Your Chimney Failing? Find it out

When the winter is reigning in full form, the chimneys remain super busy throughout the day. Like everything else, an overworking smokestack is susceptible to failure if lacking proper and timely maintenance. The stack should be devoid of any leak and blockage. The homeowners must perceive a few signs of a problematic chimney. Before starting a fire, make sure that a licensed chimney expert inspects your shaft.

The damaged chimney exhibits the following signs:


A chimney is obstructed by multiple reasons. Birds and insects can nest inside. A rodent gets stuck inside the flueline. Creosote and soot block the airway. The damper may get jammed. Many times, ice and snow cover the chimney hole. Provided the chimney is clogged, it is extremely dangerous to run the fireplace. If you notice smoke in your room, creating breathing troubles and other issues, be sure that the funnel isn’t working right. Hear the airflow through your chimney to properly understand if it is blocked. Be confident about the opening of the damper.

Visual chimney inspection with a flashlight can be done for typically knowing if the damper is truly open. It’s best to hire a chimney sweep or inspector to take the necessary steps.


A leaking chimney needs immediate attention. An untrained eye may not locate the reason for the leak. In case the leak is generated by the flashing surrounding the smokestack base, it can further get into the attic, progress across the rafters, and then finally enter the wall that is located away from the chimney. If you suspect a leakage, call a chimney inspection agency to fix the problem.

Rusted metal components: 

The metal components rust with time and usage. The corrosion produces leaks and breakage of the chimney. If the flashing or the cap rusts, repair or replace the chimney parts. The chimney repairer will put a new cap to make it free of leaks. The new flashing will enable the roof to shed water accurately.

Poor damper:

The damper is one of the important components of the chimney. If it malfunctions, maintaining a fire is not possible in the fireplace. In case, there is no alteration in the airflow while trying to adjust the damper, repairing is required. The chimney may have a blockage.

Impaired bricks:

If any brick is missing or damaged at the chimney’s exterior, repairing is necessary. The blocks of the chimney get damaged because of the exposure to the environmental elements. The mortar that is holding the bricks together loses integrity. Eventually, the bricks fall. High winds, the falling tree branches, precipitation, fluctuating temperatures, and hail can deteriorate the chimney. A yearly inspection and repairing are crucial.

Poor mortar condition:

The mortar is supposed to bear all the elements just like the brick. The binding chips away with the passage of time. The professional chimney sweep agency sends the best mechanics upon calling and repair the brick chimneys with tuckpointing. The reputed firms make use of colored mortars to match the bricks for an excellent appeal.

Decaying crown:

The crown gives extra protection to the chimney. If there is no shield, or it is missing, the mortar and the bricks wear rapidly. Usually, caps are constructed of stone, concrete or metal. Hence, if the crown is creating a problem, call the experts.

Improper flashing:

Flashing can rust and detach from the roof and the chimney leading to leakage. Hence, as soon as you see a leak, it would be best if you get in contact with the chimney sweep firm for rectifying the issue.

The buildup in the flueline:

The flue of the chimney is supposed to be thoroughly cleaned. A clogged flue cannot pass the harmful gas out of the house. Soot and creosote accumulation often are the primary cause of house-fires. It is needless to say that an annual inspection and cleaning before starting the fire is a need of the year.

For any chimney cleaning, installing, repairing, inspecting and maintain related jobs, always prefer reaching out to the certified, insured, licensed and reputed chimney sweep house for the stipulated tasks. Ask for a quotation. Have a telephonic conversation or email.