is money exchange with WhatsApp is secure?

News in sight for WhatsApp , the famous instant messaging application for smartphones that in the world is used by over a billion users and that since February 2014 has become the property of Facebook and, consequently, of Mark Zuckerberg.

After the recent changes, among which the introduction of the now famous stories (also present on Instagram, another recent purchase by Zuckerberg) stands out, it has in fact emerged that the possibility of exchanging money will soon be introduced also for the most discussed chat in the network. , a project similar to the one already available (for now I am in the United States) for Facebook chat Messenger.
According to the first rumors, the project will be tested in India, where WhatsApp has about 200 million active users, thus representing the main market.

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The news was released by the Indian site The Ken, which has scheduled the launch of this new function within the next six months.
Even the site The Crunch in February reported that, Brian Action, one of the founders of WhatsApp, had traveled to India, meeting with the authorities and admitting in an interview that the company was considering the possibility of integrating payment services to internal chat.